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Ways to Look Totally Cool

By Editorial Staff

totally coolContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Every generation has its own definition of coolness and what accounts for admirable style.

If past fashion icons like James Dean and Debbie Harry are an indicator, achieving this elusive quality takes natural swagger and somehow always looking good without overdoing it.

This is harder said than done. These top ways to look totally cool will help you pull it off.

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10. You gotta wear shades

You gotta wear shades

A cool pair of shades gives you just the right air of mystique. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory because they protect your eyes from the sun year-round, and they add an edge to any outfit. They’ll tone a dressy number down a notch and elevate casual jeans and cotton tops.

9. Impersonation


It’s natural to take fashion inspiration from someone whose style you admire. A number of Tumblrs are dedicated to a specific movie star or singer. Follow these sites or do a quick Pinterest search for instant guidance on new trends before shopping.

8. Smudged liner

Smudged liner

Awesome makeup doesn’t have to look perfect. Apply a thin line of eyeliner to the bottom and top of the eye and use the tip of your finger to smudge it outwards – the warmth from your finger makes this super easy. You’ll have slightly smoky eyes that don’t need shadow or mascara to set them off.

7. Explore second hand stores

Explore second hand stores

Tired of looking like everyone else? Then quit shopping only at the same stores they do. Vintage clothes look totally cool on you as long as they fit well, which is why you must try them on in the store. Many of these stores weed out poor quality so everything on the rack is ready-to-wear. You’ll save money and be the only one in town with that swinging wrap dress.

6. Stand up straight

Stand up straight

Yes, in the early 90’s grunge bands and television characters like Jordan Catalano made leaning and slouching look hot. Not so today. At the risk of sounding like your cranky aunt: Stand up straight and roll back those shoulders because confidence is in.

5. Footie pajamas

Footie pajamas

If you can pull off footie pajamas in public, you can pull off anything. Think of it as taking loungewear to the next level, you trendsetter. Next up: keeping some hot pink retro curlers in the hair all day.

4. Be bold

Be bold

Anyone can look good in black, but it takes some attitude to pull off clothing in bright colors and graphic prints. It’s all in how you pair them. A hot pink blazer over a mini skirt or yellow tunic over tights keeps you looking well put together and ready for action.

3. Practice your air guitar

Practice your air guitar

You mean you haven’t competed in the Air Guitar World Championship yet? That’s a shocker because airheads never look as awesome as they do silently rocking out on stage. Seriously, having a good time while not caring what others think puts you in the express lane to cool.

2. Low maintenance hair

Low maintenance hair

From a short pixie cut to a twisted updo, low maintenance hair tells the world you have more important things to do than fuss over your locks. No teasing, curly or braiding for you. Sweeping hair from your face with a just a little dab of product accentuates what little makeup and jewelry you wear and elongates the neck.

1. Mix it up

Mix it up

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Don’t fall into a fashion funk by sticking to your favorite jeans and tops. Variety will help you look totally cool any time, any place. Even the rebel look gets boring if your wear it every day. Keep an open mind when shopping and don’t dismiss an entire category of clothing simply because you like pants. A great, casual dress will have you carrying yourself in a new way, showing a whole new side. And that’s super hot.


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