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Ways to Make Your Life Easier

By Editorial Staff

ways to make your life easierby Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

Life is beautiful and full of many wondrous things, experiences and sights for us to explore.

However, life can also be hectic, busy and even downright stressful particularly when it comes to work issues, kids and daily routines. Some days are more hectic than others as you may find yourself running between appointments or multi-tasking as you cook dinner, entertain the kids and plan tomorrow’s workday. Ideally, you can make your life easier by staying organized, planning ahead, setting goals and keeping communication lines with family and friends open. Often the biggest obstacle to getting organized is expectations of perfection. Dropping the expectations and resolving to simply do the best you can at any given time can also lower stress levels and help you accomplish more in the long run. Check out the following top ten make your life easier tips below and enjoy a breezier life today.

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10. Labeling


Labeling is a great way to make life easier as it eliminates any stress over what exactly an item, material or ingredient is. This is particularly true when it comes to baking products that look similar such as white powdery baking sodas, baking powders, sugars and salts. Many bakers choose to store these ingredients in containers instead of the original bagging in order to save space and increase preservation. Label containers with clear identifications by creating them on your computer or writing out the ingredient’s name on a piece of tape and sticking it to the container.

9. Post-it


Sticky notes are a great way to stay organized, but even more so help to keep you mindful of what’s on your to-do list. Tack a sticky note to your fridge, phone, desk or purse to remind you of an appointment time or to-do task such as picking up laundry from the dry-cleaners. Sticky notes help to uncomplicate life as well by motivating you. Write positive affirmations on notes and stick them around your house to remind you of the important things in life and not to get too stressed out on menial tasks.

8. Multi-task


Multi-tasking is a tricky tip as it can cause increased stress in your life if you are doing too much at once and not staying on top of it. The key to multi-tasking is to choose tasks that are simple and have differing priorities. For instance, it’s not a good idea to try working on a work project that requires full concentration while cooking dinner on a stove-top at the same time. However, you can put a load of laundry in the wash and a casserole to bake in the oven while you sit at the kitchen table to work on said work project.

7. Help


Never be afraid to ask for help from family and friends in getting tasks done. Asking for help or support can help simplify your life as it gives you time to focus on the tasks that are most important to you. Ask your kids to take over pet caring duties and ask your husband to take out the trash while you run errands such as grocery shopping or simply catching up on a coffee date with a best friend.

6. Prioritize


One of the top ways to make life less stressful is to prioritize tasks and to-do lists. Take a look at the big picture of your life and ask yourself what needs to be done on any given day and what can be put off for another day. Prioritizing tasks can help you get more accomplish as you put full attention on one task without worrying about else you think you are supposed to be doing.

5. Storing sheets

 Storing sheets

Bed sheet sets can easily be divided and lost somewhere in your storage cabinet after washing and drying. Keep sheet sets together by storing inside one of the pillow cases.

4. Routine


Make life easier by sticking to a similar schedule on a routine daily basis. Set your alarm clock for the same time each morning and avoid sleeping in late or hitting the snooze button too often. Getting up the same time each morning and having a preset bed-time can help you stay organized and get more things accomplished in a day.

3. Meals in minutes

 Meals in minutes

Gourmet meals and fancy menu meals may taste good and seem like a great idea in theory. However, realistically, meals that require too many ingredients or hours out of your day are probably just a waste of time when you have other important things to do. Keep meals simple – but still tasty – by sticking to basic recipes that call for few ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to find. Aim for meals that require no more than 30 minutes in the kitchen.

2. Re-heating


Have you ever had leftover breads, muffins or pancakes that you’ve had to refrigerate? If so, you’ve probably found that they get hard as a rock or lose their moistness. Keep leftovers moist by reheating them in a microwave with a cup of water.

1. Conditioning legs

Conditioning legs

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