by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

The 1960s and 1970s were the decades that gave birth to the bohemian fashion style we all know and love today.

This style evokes the feeling of being laid-back, free-spirited and dramatic – while being very comfortable. While not everyone wants to look like they’re heading out to a music festival on a daily basis, there are ways to mix and match boho style into your current wardrobe. Read on to learn more!

10. Flower power

Flower power

Use flower prints to brighten up your everyday wear. A sweet colorful blazer in a floral pattern is the perfect contrast to a tailored shirt and trouser combination. In the depths of winter, it can remind you that spring is right around the corner.

9. Flared jeans

Flared jeans

Go for ‘70’s glam with these jeans. Choose a pair that fits well from the waist through the thighs and then begins to flare at the knees. For those who are daring, get a wide flare that moves when you do. If you prefer something a bit more conservative, go for a smaller flare. Either way, you’re sure to look amazing.

8. Hats


Wide brimmed and a little floppy is the look you want here. Not only will a Boho style hat protect you from the sun, it also gives a sense of being whimsy and mysterious. For those days that your hair just won’t behave, a hat can help you look your best.

7. Fringe


Nothing says boho chic like fringe. Fortunately, it’s easy to find. Look for it on shoes and boots, dresses, shawls, ponchos, handbags, jewelry – the list is almost endless. Just remember you can have too much of a good thing. Try to limit your fringe to one or two pieces. You want to own your look, not have your look own you!

6. Relaxed silhouette

Relaxed silhouette

Boho style is comfortable, made up of clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Jazz up your style by pairing a form-fitting knit top with a loose maxi skirt. This is a perfect look for shopping on the weekends or going sightseeing on vacation.

5. Scarves


Textural scarves have been trendy for years now and it looks like they are here to stay. Make the most of the wide variety available and use them as more than just something to wear around your neck. Tie it around your head with the tails hanging down the back, flowing over your hair. Or, put your hair up and wrap the scarf around your head several times, giving it a look similar to a turban.

4. Flowing skirts

Flowing skirts

It’s all about the volume, with skirts that flare into huge circles if you decide to go for a spin. They are loose and are perfect for those days you don’t want to wear anything tight.

3. Accessorize


Just like with any other outfit, your accessories can make it or break it. Boho accessories include items like earrings made of feathers or fringe. Necklaces and bracelets could feature leather, metals, seed beads or stones. Think natural elements here. If you aren’t sure about pulling off boho style, add a couple of pieces of jewelry at first. Then you can move on to more details as you wish.

2. Lace and Romance

Lace and Romance

Soft, flowing lace says classic romance and is a key component of boho style. For the ultimate in mixing and matching styles, look for a blouse that looks tailored from the front while the back is inset with lace from yoke to hem. A lace skirt gives a flowy intriguing look that’s comfortable on warm days. Lace roses fashioned into pins or hair accessories are great details when you have to dress more conservatively.

1. Layers


A flowing maxi skirt paired with a peasant blouse and a fringed vest is the ultimate boho look. You can get the same style with other pieces, too. Take your favorite pair of jeans and add a long, comfy tee shirt. Buckle a wide leather belt loosely around your waist so it rests on your hips. Add a fringed bag and you’ve got a rockin’ look.