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Ways to Safeguard Your Home

By Editorial Staff

home securityby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Nobody wants to spend their time away worrying about the security of their home, and today there’s no reason why anyone should have to.

Modern technology and crafty security companies provide countless, affordable ways to safeguard your home.

These top ten include tricks you can do yourself, services, apps and other user-friendly devices.

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10. Install a home security system

Install a home security system

Today’s home security systems can do a whole lot more than deter and detect burglars. Many also protect the family by including smoke detectors, medical alerts and other potentially life-saving features. These systems give peace of mind when you’re away and a significant layer of protection when the family is home.

9. Never leave it looking empty

Never leave it looking empty

This one is an oldie but goodie home security tip because it works. When burglars case a neighborhood they often target places that are dark. Whether you’re out for the night or away for a vacation, program at least one inside light to go on at night. Ask a neighbor you’re friendly with to flip on your front porch light as well and hold the mail so your stuffed mailbox isn’t a giveaway.

8. Disney, here we come

Disney, here we come

Don’t tell the world you’re going away. Tempting as it may be to share your excitement about going to Disney World on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts don’t do it. You never know who has access to your feed. Share the fun once you’re back instead.

7. Neighborhood watch

Neighborhood watch

Look out for your neighbors when they’re away and they’ll return the favor. Forming a basic neighborhood watch is as simple as holding a meeting once a month to discuss any theft, or car or home break-ins in the area. Staying informed reminds everyone to keep an eye out for unfamiliar faces or cars. Intruders strike where they see no prying eyes.

6. Trim the greenery

Trim the greenery

You may love the privacy an overgrown hedge provides, but an intruder will too. Keeping the line of sight to the windows clear gives unwanted guests fewer places to hide from neighbors.

5. Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers

Buying and learning to properly use fire extinguishers is one of the most basic ways to safeguard your home. Note that there are several different types of extinguishers made to put out different types of fires – one with flammable liquids, wood, or electricity, so make sure you get the right kind for each room.

4. Check the locks

Check the locks

Some of the best ways to safeguard your home are the simplest. Make a habit of locking every door all the time – no matter how safe your neighborhood seems. At night, go around to every door and double check the locks. If you have a garage, set it to automatically close behind you and don’t driveway until it’s closed.

3. Motion activated lights

Motion activated lights

Investing in a few wireless motion activated lights and other devices is a wise move. A sudden spotlight is the last thing a would-be intruder wants. They detect movement from about 30 feet away and cast a bright light. Many models don’t even require professional installation because they’re wireless.

2. Security cameras

Security cameras

Installing security cameras allows you to monitor your interior from any location with internet access. Some cameras provide a live stream, others also record continuously. You’ll need several to cover all points of entry and rooms with valuables.

1. Where to hide the spare key

Where to hide the spare key

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Putting the spare key in a fake rock or under a planter or door mat doesn’t count as hiding. Everybody knows about these spots, including burglars. Your best bet is to ask a neighbor to hold onto a spare for you, or exchange spares and hide them in each other’s yards so they’re accessible, but not so obvious.


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