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Ways to Share Your Faith

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

religious symbolsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

When you’ve found the spiritual path that works for you, it’s only natural that you want to let other people know. After all, it’s making you so much happier, so of course you want everyone else to be happier, too.

But before you just up on the nearest park bench and start shouting, think about the ways to share your faith without being quite so dramatic. With religion, as with so many other things, a little restraint goes a long way!

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10. Share by example

teen Bible study group

One of the best ways to share your faith is to let others see the way it has changed your life. Let them see the new spring in your step, the joy in your voice, the sparkle in your eye. If it’s real, people will start asking about what makes your life seem so much happier than most. Answer their questions, and they may decide they want some of that in their lives, too.

9. Leave personalized scriptures for others to find

Book of Mormon in many languages

Invest in some inexpensive copies of your scriptures, then paste a brief message inside the cover. In a few sentences, write about what your faith means to you. Then leave the books in public places for others to discover and read. Many people have found a new religious direction thanks to this simple technique.

8. Volunteer for service projects

people serving at soup kitchen

Faith should be about more than words, so put yours into action by volunteering to help those in need. Cook meals in a soup kitchen, visit with the sick or help the homeless find a new start. A word of caution…Don’t tie their rewards to your faith — it’s not a package deal. Instead, allow your faith to inspire you to make the world better. The good you do is one of the best ways to share your highest spiritual beliefs without saying a word.

7. Include an inspirational message in greeting cards

religious greeting card from Printery House

Including a brief spiritual message in the holiday, birthday and other greeting cards you send in another way to let your spirit shine through. Sometimes that message of hope or encouragement in a spiritual greeting card might be just the thing to encourage someone to investigate your faith.

Just be sure to keep it simple, and to always be respectful of the beliefs of the recipient. Tact is essential to having your message heard!

6. Mentor new investigators or converts

woman welcoming people to church

If you’ve been a member of your religion for quite awhile, you might want to help investigators or new converts feel at home. Just letting them know what to expect during services, how to use the prayer books or how to address other members can go a long way towards making them feel welcome. If you’re a convert yourself, you might want to share the experiences that led you to join and the feelings you had when you were a new member. (Including some humorous stories can help, too!)

5. Dig deep into the theology

religious reading

One of the best ways to share your religion is to really understand it. Consider taking classes and reading theology books to learn more about the details of your faith’s religious history, practice and beliefs. The more you know, the more you have to share. (And you just might clear up some of your own misconceptions along the way!)

4. Participate in interfaith events

Interfaith study group

Sometimes the best way to share you faith is to learn about others’ religions and beliefs. Looking at your religion from the outside, or in relation to other religions, can inspire a whole new and a deeper appreciation for what you have.

If yours is a faith that’s often misunderstood, an interfaith group can also offer you a chance to set the record straight and educate others. Just be careful to not suggest that your faith is superior to others or has all the answers. There’s no quicker way to shut down communication than to assume a “holier-than-thou” attitude.

3. Start a blog

muslim young women on computer

The world is your audience when you start writing online, so why not start a blog to share your beliefs, religious experiences and theology? You can make it about your personal faith life, the experiences of your community or a factual source for information about your religion’s origins, rituals, scriptures and practices. When it comes to blogging, it’s all up to you!

2. Write a book

stack of Christian books

A blog can reach a lot of people, but a book might be an even better choice. Creating a book about your faith is a wonderful way to share your life journey, the facts about your religion or whatever else comes from your heart.

1. Become a cleric

smiling priest

If sharing your truth is one of the most important things in your life, consider studying to become a member of the clergy. Spending your life as a minister, rabbi, iman or priest is the ultimate declaration of what your faith means to you. The road to ordination may be long, but in the end there is no better to share everything you believe.

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It’s only natural to want to share your faith. If you do it wisely, you just might see others enjoying the same joy you’ve experienced.


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