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Ways to Sleep Comfortably

By Editorial Staff

comfortable sleepby Info Guru Paul Seaburn

We all sleep but not all of us sleep well.

An important part of falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night is comfort in your bed, your bedroom and your nighttime clothes. Simple changes to the way your sleep can often have quick and dramatic results. Give these ways to sleep comfortably time to work and you’ll soon be having sweet and restful dreams.

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10. Plan ahead

Plan ahead

Before you’re too sleepy to think, check the temperature in your bedroom and the weather forecast for the night. It’s easier and less disturbing to your sleep to reach for a blanket that’s next to you or at the foot of the bed than it is to stumble in the dark looking for one. Covering the mattress with temperature regulating mattress pad can help eliminate the guesswork.

9. Stretch


Athletes know that stretching is a good way to loosen up tight muscles before a workout, but sleepers can also benefit from stretches as well. Stretching before sleep relaxes muscles, especially if you’ve been sitting for a while in a chair. Stretching will also help your blood circulation.

8. Turn the mattress

Turn the mattress

Even the thinnest sleepers find that most mattresses eventually sag under their weight, causing an indentation that can make it hard to change positions. Get some help and flip the mattress over or at least turn it around from head to foot. You’ll sleep better and your mattress will last longer.

7. Find your sleep schedule

Find your sleep schedule

The most comfortable bed won’t help if you’re not ready for sleep. Once you find a time where you fall asleep quickly and easily, stick to it – even on the weekend. Our bodies do better when they’re on a regular schedule, which is why switching back and forth from Daylight Saving Time is so disruptive.

6. Pillow between your knees

Pillow between your knees

Sleeping on your side is not the best position for your spine. Placing a small pillow between your knees will improve your body’s alignment, help prevent back and hip pains and relieve pressure on your knees. A full body pillow can give additional support to the arms and neck while providing extra warmth and comfort.

5. Hot shower or bath

Hot shower or bath

Taking a hot shower or bath with soothing fragrances before bed is very relaxing for both the mind and the body. While the warmth can make you sleepy, it can sometimes contribute to overheating, so keep the bedroom cool and try some temperature regulating bedding.

4. Find the best position

Find the best position

The most common sleep position is on your side but it’s not the best for your spine. Sleeping on your left side can compress your internal organs. The stomach down position is the worst because it twists your neck and can cause breathing and acid reflux problems. Sleeping on your back is the most healthy and comfortable position. A pillow under the knees will relieve pressure on your hips.

3. Dim the lights

Dim the lights

Bright lights make it hard to fall asleep, so start dimming your lights an hour before bedtime. Put a dimmer switch in the bathroom and use a small lamp or nightlight in the bedroom. Those red lights on clocks and electronic devices are annoying so try turning the devices off, turn them around or cover the little lights with duct tape!

2. Choose the right pillow(s)

Choose the right pillow(s)

Pillows come in many shapes and sizes and no one is right for everyone. Borrow some from friends to experiment with size, number, firmness and fillings. Don’t forget the pillowcases – good quality fabric is kind to your face and temperature regulating covers can help keep your head cool, which will keep the rest of your body cool as well.

1. Wear comfortable sleepwear

Wear comfortable sleepwear

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It’s called “sleepwear” because you should be sleep while wearing it, so make sure your pajamas, nightgowns and sleep clothes are loose and comfortable. If your body gets heated up because of room temperature, electric blankets or metabolism, clothes with moisture wicking pajamas will help keep you dry and comfy.


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