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Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

By Editorial Staff

stimulate the brainby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Retaining memories of loved ones is a top priority for many people.

While the amount of memory stored varies for everyone, studies show that our memory retrieval, ability to reason and comprehend begin to wane around the age of 45. Regardless of your age, it’s in your best interest to strengthen those mental muscles.

These top ways to stimulate your brain improve memory and help you continue to learn new skills and information.

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10. Memory Support

memory support

Everyone has moments of feeling that their memory and learning could use a boost. Add a supplement that targets remembering to help improve memory and increasing cognitive abilities.

9. Stoke the senses

Stoke the senses

Senses engage the mind, so the more you use them the more alert to surroundings it’ll be. In fact, using at least two senses makes you more likely to remember something. Add a few drops of lavender or jasmine oil under your pillow so you wake up to a new smell every now and then. Get dressed with your eyes closed and choose clothes based on feel.

8. Switch sides

Switch sides

Simple ways to stimulate your brain include challenging it every day. This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s easy to do. Physical mental challenges like using the opposite hand to brush your teeth or unlock a door keep it engaged. Using the less dominant hand also improves connectivity.

7. Never stop learning

Never stop learning

Learning and developing new skills will make your brain stronger. Play math games or sign up for a language learning class. Developing math and language skills is critical for young people, but it’s also important for adults to maintain these skills. If you don’t use math often, number games help retain the ability to comprehend abstract concepts.

6. Flip your pictures

Flip your pictures

Turn a few family photos in the home upside down in the morning. Doing this turns the mind to alert. An alert mind will notice more details and prevent you from getting easily distracted.

5. Learning toys

Learning toys

Promoting a child’s language learning development and curiosity gets them excited about school and learning in general. Challenging their brains early on teaches them that learning can be fun. Entertaining educational toys include science kits, games and outdoor toys designed to play with their bodies, minds and skills.

4. Sleep on it

Sleep on it

Getting enough sleep – about 7- 8 hours – is one of the best things you can do for the mind. Studies have found that sleep facilitates changes in the brain and improves memory levels. Improve the quality of your sleep by meditating before bed. This practice enhances focus, relieves stress and relaxes muscles so it’s easier to fall asleep.

3. Create new memories

Create new memories

Be sure to put this on the to-do list: Go someplace beautiful STAT! Many people seek ways to stimulate your brain in order to hold on to the memories they treasure most. Surprisingly, a good way to do this is to go to some place equally as beautiful and create new memories of equal depth.

2. Exercise


All exercise is good for the body, but aerobic is especially good for the mind. Any heart healthy activity is good for the mind in fact. Walk at a brisk pace for 30 minutes several times a week, run if you can, sign up for a kickboxing class or invest in a few home exercise machines to really get the blood pumping.

1. Schedule buddy time

Schedule buddy time

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Spending time with friends has a huge payoff in the cognitive department. Good relationships stimulate the brain in a most natural way. A recent Harvard study found that those with active social lives experience the slowest rate of memory decline. If you’re feeling a little isolated, consider volunteering, starting a book club or getting a furry friend.


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