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Ways to Use Fresh Key Limes

By Editorial Staff

key limesby Info Guru Angela Bushong

Nothing says summertime like a glut of fresh, juicy key limes, but what will you do with all of them?

These little citrus fruits pack huge flavor, and can be used as the centerpiece of a dish or a delicious limey accent. Below are ten delicious ideas for using up all the key limes you can put your hands on.

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10. Key Lime Pie

key lime pie

This may go without saying, but no list would be complete without the quintessential key lime dessert, key lime pie. Originating in Florida, this creamy pie is both sweet and tart, showcasing the luscious flavor of the Florida Keys’ favorite fruit.

9. Key Lime Cookies

Key Lime Cookies

You can pack a lot of flavor in a little package by making key lime versions of your favorite cookies. From key lime meltaways to key lime sugar cookies, the internet is rife with tart versions of all sorts of crunchy confections for your delight.

8. Marinade for Chicken and Fajitas

Marinade for Chicken and Fajitas

Lime is a classic addition to marinades for poultry and any sort of fajitas. Make that key limes (the juice, but also add some of the potent zest), and your flavor base just shot up through the stratosphere. After grilling your meats, don’t forget to serve your citrus-infused dish with key lime wedges for that last finishing touch before taking the first bite.

7. Limeade


Fresh squeezed tangy-sweet limeade is a summer refresher not to be missed. Your guests will love it, your kids will love it, and of course, you will love yourself for it. And it’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you never made it before. Surely, this will become a new summertime tradition.

6. Key Lime Curd

Key Lime Curd

Citrus curds are delicious dessert spreads which can be used in a myriad of ways. Light, tangy, and custardy, they require only a few ingredients (namely sugar, egg yolks, and the fruit in question). With a key lime curd, you could lime up your morning waffles, fill thumbprint cookies or donuts, or layer the curd with whipped cream and pound cake for a key lime trifle.

5. Key Lime Cake

Key Lime Cake

Take all those limes, juice them up, and transform them into a scrumptious, spongy cake. Whether iced, or soaked in lime juice, glazed, and sprinkled with powdered sugar, this would make a fantastic addition to any dessert table.

4. Mojitos


Mint and lime and booze. This is a party starter for sure. Let the kiddos drink the limeade while you sidle up to something a little more… adult. All you need is white rum, club soda, limes, mint leaves, and a little sugar. Time to relax.

3. Grilled Fish with Key Lime Butter

Key Lime Curd

Select your favorite grilling fish, whether it be salmon or tilapia or whatever you fancy, and cook it up to your liking. Then, mix softened butter with fresh squeezed lime juice and a little lime zest. Dollop that buttery goodness onto each fish filet, spread it around, and eat. You have just reached grilled fish Nirvana.

2. Margaritas


You know your favorite margaritas require a healthy dose of lime juice. Now imagine that juice is from fresh squeezed key limes. You may never want another “average” margarita again.

1. Key Lime Cheesecake

Key Lime Cheesecake

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Cheesecake is arguably the greatest dessert on the planet. Key limes are arguably the greatest citrus fruits. Combine the two, and you have taken lime enjoyment to the next level. Move over lemons, cheesecake has found a new love.


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