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Ways to Warm Up

By Editorial Staff

ways to warm upContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Winter is a gorgeous season, but it’s a beauty with bite.

Some days are made for a steaming mug and fuzzy slippers, but life doesn’t pause just because it’s chilly outside. Nor does your body’s need for fresh air and exercise. Besides, where’s the fun in hibernating all season?

These top ways to warm up will keep you snug no matter where the day takes you.

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10. Tea time

Tea time

Does anything soothe the soul like a hot cup of tea? The answer is no. The steaming cup brings relief to cold hands while the steaming drink warms you from the inside. Fortify yourself each winter morning with your favorite blend of tea leaves. Cheers!

9. Gather round a fire

Gather round a fire

Heating a home isn’t cheap. Heating one room is. On the coldest days, close all the doors and light a fire or turn on the space heater. Fires create a cozy atmosphere for either family nights or romantic evenings for two. Make the most of intimate spaces with a board game championship or old movie marathon.

8. Trap in the heat

Trap in the heat

A good furnace, fire place or space heater can only do its job if your home is well sealed. Get ready for winter by weather proofing your home. Run your hand around the edges of windows and doors to pinpoint cold drafts and seal them up with weather strips to keep heat from escaping.

7. Bring on the fats

Bring on the fats

Take a cue from the animals and embrace healthy fats like avocado and snacking nuts like pecans, walnuts and cashews. These foods are especially important in winter when your body needs them to help regulate its own temperature. As always, moderation is the key. Graze on a small handful a few times a day and you’ll enjoy all the nutritious benefits.

6. Make soup

Make soup

Making a pot of soup or chili is one of the easiest ways to warm up and fill up on healthy calories. If you don’t think there’s enough time in the day, break out the slow cooker. Chop your veggies at night and add your seasonings and broth or water before leaving in the morning. Turn it on and you’ll have a steaming pot waiting when you get home.

5. Lace up

Lace up

Winter runners are a hardy bunch and there’s always room for more. Running is one of the best ways to warm up, so grab your running shoes and get moving. It significantly boosts circulation and endorphins while helping you stay fit. Cold weather can thicken the blood, which puts people at risk for heart attack and stroke. Aerobic exercise lowers that risk, training muscles to work more efficiently and therefore create more blood vessels.

4. Cuddle


Not that you need an excuse to get a little closer to someone special, but if you did, body heat would be a good one. Whether you’re out walking around or settling in for a movie, snuggle up. Hugs keep you physically and psychologically toasty by releasing a hormone that lowers both stress and blood pressure.

3. Soak in the season

Soak in the season

On those days when the chill gets into your bones, the quickest way to chase it away is with a hot bath. Close the door so the room gets steamy and allow yourself a few minutes or pure relaxation. Do this a few hours before going to bed and you’ll wake up well rested, too.

2. No more solitude

No more solitude

It’s no coincidence that poets often depict loneliness in thick, snowy blankets. According to one University of Toronto study, isolation actually makes people feel colder. Now you have the perfect excuse to throw a brunch or dinner party. And when people invite you out, say yes before you talk yourself out of it.

1. Layer up

Layer up

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Don’t miss out on ice skating, snow ball fights and building snowmen just because you dressed yourself wrong. Layer up with synthetic and wool clothing. Start with a thin, moisture-wicking inner layer on your top and bottom to trap in body heat. Choose a wool sweater and thick pants for the mid layer and a wind-blocking, water-resistant outer layer. Pair this with a thick hat or balaclava, lined gloves, wool socks and comfortable boots with plenty of traction. Now go have fun.


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