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Wearing high heels in the winter

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Wearing high heels in the winter can be super-stylish, not painful!

Wearing high heels in the winter can be super-stylish, not painful!

Wearing high heels in winter is one challenge that a surprising number of women are up for. For many, the decision to heel or not to heel comes down to a choice between pain and style.

It doesn?t have to be this way! If you want to wear heels in winter, go for it. With a few tips and tricks, you?ll feel as glamorous and sexy in January as you do in July.

Love them or hate them, women have a strong opinion about wearing high heels. Podiatrists don?t recommend them, but a lot of women simply don?t feel like themselves in flats. Heels compliment a woman?s figure by emphasizing lower leg muscles and encouraging good posture. Worn with stockings, high heels set off the effervescent qualities of a fabulous winter dress.

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Winter can be a dull time of year: too much time indoors and the views from windows feature leafless trees, empty bird houses and muted skies.  You may let Fall inspire a closet of reds and oranges. In spring, you break out the vibrant pinks and yellows.

But in winter, it?s time to look beyond nature for fashion inspiration and dress how you want to feel.


Floral print high heels offer a welcome splash of color in winter. Metallics like gold, copper and silver give you an elegant, sexy shimmer. If you are concerned about slippery surfaces, consider T-strap heels for a more secure fit. Save high heels with embellishments for simple dresses or pants, but avoid wearing them outside when there?s snow or ice on the ground, slush puddles are not kind to bows and flowers. When worn with the right attitude though, anything goes.

Tips for Wearing High Heels in Winter

* Buy the right size high heel. A lot of women buy the wrong size shoe and blame the shoe for their discomfort. Have your foot measured at a shoe store and walk around in the store to make sure they offer enough support for your feet.

* Buy good quality high heels. High heels endure a lot of wear and tear in the winter, a quality pair will cost more, but your blister-free feet will thank you.

* Scuff the bottoms of your high heels on concrete, the rougher bottoms offer more traction on ice and will make them less slippery.

* Wear round-toed high heels. When your feet are cold and stiff, your toes will not appreciate being pushed inward by pointed shoes.

* Consider saving the high high heels for nights out, and wear thicker heels for your everyday shoe. They offer more stability and support.

* Care for your feet. Soak them in warm water at night and walk around barefoot or in comfy slippers to allow them to recover. Moisturize with aloe so straps slide easily against soft skin, reducing the risk of abrasions or blisters.

* Look for high heels with soft inner soles or buy inserts for extra comfort and support.

* Carry band aids and a pair of flats in case your heel breaks or your feet demand a break.

* Wear heels 2-3 times a week to train your feet. If you wear flats most of the time, your feet get used to the even distribution of weight and make it more difficult for you to switch to heels.

* Consider kitten heels instead of 3+ inch high heels. Kitten heels are super sexy and offer the benefits of high heels without putting pressure on the frontal bones and balls of the feet.

* High heels boots are a stylish and warm alternative to high heels in winter. Save the open-toed heels for spring!

Regardless of the shoe you choose to wear, always look out the window before leaving the house. Many women prefer to wear warm, clunky boots to get to where they’re going, and change into their high heels once they arrive. Leave your boots with your coat and enjoy the winter in style.


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