Chocolate covered strawberriesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Treat stations are one of the hottest wedding trends around.

This sweet addition brings a colorful boost of energy to receptions, showers and engagement parties.

These top wedding treat stations to set up are easy to customize to your theme.

10. Specialty drinks

Specialty drinks

Coffee and chocolate-lovers alike enjoy sharing their favorite vice with a table of specialty drinks. This can be as simple as making hot water available in an attractive dispenser and arranging nice, personalized tins of hot chocolate and cappuccino mixes. This is the time and place to splurge on your favorite coffee and tea blends with all of the accoutrements – honey or chocolate spoons, clumps of sugar and biscuits. This provides a fabulous alternative to the bar for kids and guests who don’t drink but wouldn’t mind something special.

9. Kissing booth

Kissing booth

Oh, singletons. Kissing booths are not yet a popular trend, but lobby your engaged buddies and maybe someday they will be. Wouldn’t it be a lovely way to break the ice? Single Cousin Cindy, meet my single buddy Bud. Now smooch! What a treat.

8. Sundae station

Sundae station

Having a summer ceremony? The simplicity of ice cream makes it a sophisticated choice of wedding treat stations to set up. Go with basic flavors like chocolate and vanilla and have the caterer assign someone to scoop. Who can resist hot fudge sauce, sprinkles, crushed nuts, gourmet popcorn, whipped cream and a cherry on top?

7. Cake pops

Cake pops

Made from cake, doughnut mix or pie filling, cake pops pack big flavor in a few bites. Since they come on sticks, they’re easy for guests to eat while mingling during cocktail hour. Best of all, they capture the whimsical spirit of a wedding and they decorate beautifully.

6. Chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain

A fountain of velvety flowing chocolate heightens the fantastical atmosphere of receptions. The warm indulgence is a perfect choice for winter weddings. The aroma alone makes you want to take off your coat and stay forever. Decadent chocolate is the star, but don’t forget supporting players. Plates of angel food cake, strawberries, candied ginger, marshmallows and salty pretzels are irresistible dippers.

5. Mini cupcakes

Mini cupcakes

Some couples choose to set up cupcake stations in lieu of a cake. Others set out mini cupcakes to tide over the sweeter toothed guests until it’s time to cut into the showpiece. Either way, they’re a delight for the eyes and mouth. Arrange them in tiers or at different levels and angles for a sculptural look.

4. Candy buffets

Candy buffets

Not all wedding tasks are fun, but designing a candy buffet sure is. Choose bulk candies in the colors of your theme – pearly pink jelly beans, swirled lollipops and glittering sticks of rock candy – and arrange them on clear, candy shop-style canisters. Include clear tongs and scoops, as well as small bags so guests can help themselves and mingle.

3. Cookies


This treat station offers a comforting taste of nostalgia. It consists of a variety of classic cookies, including the bride and groom’s favorites. Of all the wedding treat stations to set up, the cookie table best complements elegant, vintage-inspired affairs. Arrange them in glass trays propped on old hat boxes and trunks.

2. Marshmallow party

Marshmallow party

Whether you’re having a rustic outdoor or a classic ballroom reception, gourmet marshmallows offer something for everyone. Cut into cubes, this yummy dessert wedding trend can be dyed any color and comes in a wild range of flavors from pumpkin pie and lavender, to cotton candy, peach, blueberry and chocolate. Stack them into pyramids or set the table near an outdoor fire pit with sticks, graham crackers and pieces of chocolate.

1. Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries

Romance tastes like chocolate covered berries. It’s a fact. Go classic with dark chocolate. Add variety by dusting the tops with crushed nuts, cocoa powder, crushed lavender or violets. Or make half look like tuxedos and the other a white wedding gown with silver embellishments.