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What are beginners good skateboards?

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

A novice should know what are beginners good skateboards before he takes off

A novice should know what are beginners good skateboards before he takes off

Skateboarding is a great sport, BUT you need to know the lay of the land and what you are doing as well as what is the best kind of skateboard, particularly for beginners, to prevent injuries.

Broken bones aren?t any fun so learn how to prevent them.

You are shopping for your first skateboard. Here are the things that you must consider: 

The length of the board:

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You measure the length from the tip of the nose to the tip or end of the. An average skateboard is approximately 28- to 32 inches in length.

The width:

Advanced skateboarders like wider boards but if you are just starting out look at boards that are in the 7.5 inches to 8.25-inch width.

The nose and tail:

One is in the front, and one is in the back, and sometimes it is hard to tell them apart.   

The wheelbase:

The space between one pair of inner mounting holes to the other pair is the  wheelbase, which is generally about 13 inches to 15 inches. The mounting holes are holes that are pre-drilled. The skateboard trucks are attached to the holes. Another thing to consider is the skateboard truck.

The truck is comparable to an axle on a car. A skateboard has two trucks that face each other and consist of an axle, which is a pin that runs through the trucks and which the wheels of the skateboard attach to. The metal hanger is the triangular area that the axle runs through.

Another part is the kingpin, which is a big bolt that holds the hangar in place. The kingpin runs through the middle of the bushing which is a rubbery donut. The kingpin then goes into the base plate, which is metal. You can adjust the kingpin to make it less stiff. It boils down to personal preferences. Some skaters like the kingpin to be loose whereas others like the trucks to be tighter. There are two sets of four holes. One set is near the nose or front of the board, and the other set is close to the tail.


Look at the concave of the board, which is the part of the board in the center, between the nose and the tail, that is slightly curved on the sides. This is necessary because it increases the strength of the board and gives you more control.

Look at the ply of the board, which is on the side of the board and consists of think layers of wood veneer. When the wood is layered in a pattern that is cross-grain this makes the board stronger than it would be if it were construction of a single piece of wood. Skate boards are usually seven-ply.

Select your first skateboard based on the width.

Do not make your choice based on the wheelbase or the length of the board. The deck of the board comes in various widths, and some opt for wider or narrower depending on their style of skating, personal preferences or the size of the riders.

If a child younger than five years old and stands less than three and one half feet and wears a size three shoe or smaller wants a skateboard the board should be 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches in deck width and no longer than 27.6 inches.

If the rider is over the age of 13 and is taller than five feet, three inches, and has a shoe size of nine, or more he can use a full-size deck (skateboard), which is 7.5 inches wide or even wider. If your child is between nine and 12 years old, is shorter than the above rider, and wears shoes that are size seven or eight, he should get a mid-size skateboard that has a deck width of 7.3 inches.

When you are skateboarding, and this goes for everyone, concluding those who are experienced, you should wear protective equipment, including and especially a helmet and padding for your knees, elbows and hips. Skateboard gloves and wrist braces also afford you some protection. 

When you are skateboarding and you lose your balance, crouch down on the board so that you don?t have as far to fall when you fall. If at all possible, land on the parts of your body that are fleshy. Rolling into the fall absorbs some of the force of the fall rather than trying to catch yourself with your arms.

Although it might be hard to relax when you are in the process of the fall, you are less likely to injure yourself if you are not stiff.

Safety is paramount when skateboarding.


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