What are no veil wedding hairstyles

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No veil? Wedding hairstyles that work without a traditional bridal headpiece

No veil? Wedding hairstyles that work without a traditional bridal headpiece

Many modern day brides are eschewing the traditional veil and opting instead to wear a pretty bauble or theme appropriate hair accessory.

You do not have to wear a veil, even though your mother and grandmother may be insistent that you do so. It is traditional but not mandatory. Some choose a crown of flowers, a tiara, sparkly barrettes or glittering hair pins … or nothing at all.

Definitely try out your bridal hairdo with whatever is going to be in your hair prior to the big day. You may decide the hairstyle is all wrong or it doesn?t go with the jeweled comb you are dead set on wearing in your locks.

What should a bride do with her hair on her wedding day? What are good no-veil wedding hairstyles and how do you choose the right bridal hair ornament to accent your look?

A bohemian look: Wear a low-across-the-forehead Roaring Twenties flapper style headband with a flower or bauble attached to the side and allow your long hair to hang in loose waves or attach a bohemian bridal flower accented with crystal and pearls into your hair.


Long hair, thick bangs: A messy side braid with a floral headpiece on one side is a beautiful look for women sporting thick bangs.

If you want to wear your hair down, do it. There is no rule saying long-haired brides must wear their hair in an up do, although many want to. A curly up do does look fetching. Tuck a real or silk flower into the up do is becoming and very bride like.

Go for the half up, half down look or sweep the hair off to one side and clip in a bridal barrette. Pull your hair back into a French twist and nestle a bejeweled barrette into the twist or an Art Deco rhinestone studded hair comb.

This is Not the Prom

This is not the prom, it is your wedding day and you probably aren?t 15.  Many hairstylists highly recommend avoiding the big bad hair that is shellacked and pulled back from the bride?s face to tightly you can see the bride wincing. If you do pull your hair up, let some tendrils cascade. Loose looking is far more smashing than a hairdo that has been sprayed to within an inch of its life and won?t move for days.

If your hair is short, make the most of it and add hair accessories. Style your bangs to one side, use some mousse to uplift your short locks and add a headband or nothing at all.

Don?t think of the plastic headbands you wore as a child. We?re talking about dramatic vintage rhinestone detailed ribboned headbands that are glamorous and classic.

Vintage hairdos are all the rage right now. Curl your hair, backcomb your locks to enhance volume, use a curling iron to swirl your bangs, add hair flowers, a tiara or, once again, nothing at all.

Tuck pearl and rhinestone adorned hair pins into your hair. Both long-haired and short-haired brides can use hairpins, which look especially nice when nestled in a back-of-the-nape bun.

Braid your bangs. This is a really interesting and flattering look and can work for the short haired ladies as well as those with long, sweeping locks. Apply wax to your locks, part on the side, brush your hair back and braid bangs along the line of hair growth. This style looks good with a veil or without.

You do not have to make a dramatic change to your hair just because it?s your wedding. In fact, doing so may end up being a mistake because you won?t look like you. Looking back at your wedding photo album you may wonder ? What was I thinking?

If your hair needs trimming, do it, but don?t wait until the last minute. If if needs colored, do it, but, again, don?t wait until the day before the wedding. You never know when a hair coloring disaster might decide to strike.

Healthy, shiny hair with a perfect, carefully chosen accessory is far more important than some crazy, complicated hairstyle.