Contributed by David Galassi, Top 10 Guru

Bikers, like Boy Scouts, should live by the motto of always being prepared. The following are the top 10 tools you should always have in your motorcycle tool kit.

Some of the best rides take you to destinations away from the crowd, which means that you are often on your own for quick repairs that keep your bike on the road. Here are the top ten tools for your motorcycle tool kit – one that stays in your saddlebag at all times.

10. Tire Gauge

Mr. Gasket 72102MRG Mr. Gasket Tire Pressure Gauge Motorcycle Tool Kit

Proper tire and shock pressure are a must. Low tire pressure can lead to flat tires and early wear which makes checking your tire pressure – and carrying a tire gauge – essential.

9. Flathead Screwdriver

Chrome, Flat, Magnetized, Metal, Professional

Whether it be changing a license plate or tightening a helmet screw, a flat-head screwdriver is a necessity.

8. Phillips Head Screwdriver

Motorcycle Tool Kit Essentials

Changing a tail lens and adjusting a headlamp direction, and when the flat-head screwdriver in your tool kit won’t get it done, a Phillips will.

7. Allen Wrench Set

Allen Wrench, Tool, Allen Key, Allen, Screw, Attract

One of the essential tools for a motorcycle trip, since most bikes require some allen head wrench screw work — from mirror adjustments on spokes to lamp replacement.

6. Pliers

Pliers Motorcycle Tool Kit

One never knows when the need arises to grab and twist or pull and hold something. Bike pliers will be used for a multitude of tasks.

5. Pocket Knife

Army, Blade, Compact, Cut, Equipment, Isolated, Knife

From wire stripping to cutting a knotted bag strap. No bike should be without a good all-purpose pocket knife.

4. Wire Stripper

Pliers, Tool, Wire Stripper, Craft

Any electrical issue will require wire splicing or rewire work. Strippers make this task a bit easier.

3. Electrical Tape

electrical tape

A small roll of electrical tape can come in handy for bare or exposed wires, loose connections, and holding components together if a connector comes loose.

2. Bungee Straps

Bungee Straps

Bungee cords are the easiest solution for folding your leather jacket when the hot sun comes out or tying down some item you need to bring with you on that short or long trip.

1. A Towel and a Bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner

Motorcycle Tool Kit microfiber cloth

Clean those bugs off your windshield or towel off those water spots after a rain. Place the towel over your seat to keep it from getting too hot when sitting in the sun as well. Find the motorcycle cleaning products that work best on your chrome, leather and paint and always keep some in your bike. Dirt and bugs that bake in the sun can damage your finishes and your image.