What bathing suit for the best suntan?

Know what bathing suit for the best suntan before you hit the beach!

Know what bathing suit for the best suntan before you hit the beach!

It is a late-summer afternoon and you are at your friend’s wedding. Her back is facing you as she repeats her vows. Her strapless, back-plunging gown is spectacular; however, you are zeroed in on her … suntan lines! The bride’s back is streaked: suntanned here, no tan there.

Knowing which bathing suit will help you get the best suntan can help you avoid unattractive streaks and patterns on your tan – and not-so-tan – body. Obviously, the one the bride was wearing prior to her wedding day left her with coloration that is difficult, if not impossible, to hide.

This is not the end of the world, although the bride should have considered wearing a different type bathing suit when sunbathing and swimming in light of the fact she was going strapless and nearly backless at her wedding.

If wearing halter tops or bandeau tops or other shoulder-, chest- or back-revealing outfits during the summer months, keep this in mind when you select your swimwear. A bandeau top bikini will eliminate strap lines. If your swimsuit features straps, you are going to have lighter skin where the straps are.


Removable Straps

Buy swimwear featuring removable straps. Utilize the straps when swimming or meandering on the boardwalk but remove or untie them when sunbathing.

High-Back Suit

High backed suits obviously cover the back. When you wear a low-back top or dress or halter top, your untanned back is exposed. Again, this is not going to get you arrested by the fashion police but it may look strange.

Bathing Suit With Attached Skirt

If your suit has an attached skirt, arrange the skirt so it’s not covering your upper thighs while lying under the sun. If you don’t, you are left with an untanned streak across the tops of your thighs, that is apparent when wearing short shorts. Boy short-type suits also leave an area at the top of your legs unexposed to the sun.


A one-piece covers the belly, which is fine unless you decide to venture out in a tummy revealing ensemble later in the day, putting your untanned tummy on display, which contrasts with the rest of your tanned body.


A tankini is a two-piece suit. The tops covers the belly, which many women like because they don’t want their tummies exposed. The belly stays untanned, of course.


A monokini appears to be a bikini from behind but in front, the top is connected to the bottom by straps. If you have scars on your belly you want to conceal, select a monokini. However, remember, you will be left with an untanned streak down the center of your belly where the strap was.


Bandeau tops are a good choice because they are strapless (although you can get them equipped with straps) and allow the shoulders and chest exposure to the sun sans strap marks.


A maillot (pronounced m?-ˈyō) is a one-piece suit providing more coverage than other styles. Your top and bottom areas are not hanging out. The style can feature one shoulder strap, two or is strapless. Many women prefer the full-coverage bottom provided by a maillot.

Chose the style flattering you most and which you feel most comfortable and at ease in. However, remember those areas on the body not exposed to the sun remain untanned. If you wear revealing street clothing, the untanned areas are seen.