What does a wedding ring symbolize

Contemplating what does a wedding ring symbolize is integral to your commitment

Contemplating what does a wedding ring symbolize is integral to your commitment

While the origin of wedding rings is unknown, exchanges of them date back nearly 4800 years to ancient Egypt. At first, mining this universal piece of jewelry for meaning may not require a huge stretch of the imagination, but keep reading. You may be surprised at how the significance of this band has changed over time and how it hasn’t.

What does a wedding ring symbolize? It?s only natural to wonder about a piece of jewelry made to be worn everyday for the rest of your life. Ultimately, the meaning is up to the couple, though a few themes are inherent. 

A fine wedding band is the perfect type of jewelry for couples vowing to spend their lives together. Its circular shape has no beginning and no end, therefore symbolizing eternity to some, perfection and wholeness to others. Roundness is one of the most common shapes found in nature ? eggs, nests, the sun, moon and planets, not to mention the Earth?s daily rotations and yearly orbits.

The body isn?t the only physical aspect loaded with meaning. The center is sometimes perceived as a gateway to the future. The act of giving a ring shows you believe the love you share will never end. Her acceptance shows she agrees. 


Unfortunately the marriage bands of ancient Egypt weren?t made to last as long as the relationships. Twisted papyrus and braided reeds were replaced with ivory, bone and other lasting materials. Thus the culture of lavish wedding rings was born with the implication that the more extravagant the material, the more someone was loved.

The Roman?s shared this tradition, sort of. A man gave a woman an iron ring to symbolize his permanent ownership of her. Try not to swoon! Possession is a consistent symbol here, but the connotation has long since changed from man owning woman to couples owning one another?s heart. 

As you can see, the answer to what does a wedding ring symbolize is as varied as the relationships they bind together. However, one commonality is where they?re worn. According to Grecian fable, the left ring finger?s artery flows straight to the heart. Medical professionals disagree, but let?s not tell the romantics.

One practical explanation to the left hand placement is the fact that the majority of people are right handed. Wearing precious metal on the left hand, on one of the least used fingers, exposes it to less wear and tear.

Historical, natural and even magical links are rarely top of mind when a couple begins to search for their bands. The marriage tradition continues because the symbolism of marriage itself is so strong. Most wedding ceremonies include spoken vows, the exchange of rings and a kiss to seal the deal.

While religions don?t call for the exchange of tokens in order for a marriage to be recognized, married couples from many different religions wear them. How, when and why they are exchanged differs, but that?s more a reflection of culture than beliefs. Some individuals attach religious significance to wedding jewelry, but most see it as a symbol of their devotion to their partner.

Ask couples today what does a wedding ring symbolize and you?ll hear a few answers many times: love, commitment, fidelity, hope for the future and the honoring of marriage vows. To some the simple, solid metal reminds them of the strength of their relationship and the faith they have in each other. There?s really no wrong answer.

Selecting of marriage bands is huge decision and it should be.  It?s no small thing to find a friend to share your life with. Wear them as a sign of continued commitment to the person you love, a reminder that you are loved or for any other reason you like.