You wouldn't be the first bride to wear cowboy boots under her wedding gown!

You wouldn’t be the first bride to wear cowboy boots under her wedding gown!

Cowboys boots go just about anywhere, even under a wedding gown! Many black-, brown- or even red-leather toes have peeked out from underneath a lacy wedding dress. Cowboy boots look good with just about anything and are part and parcel of many women’s wardrobe, particularly the kind of woman who likes to spice it up and do the unexpected.

Dresses to wear with cowboy boots include just about every type. The only question is can you pull it off?

This type of Western boot generally features decorative stitching and comes in a variety of skins and colors. Some like silver or gold toe lips on their footwear, unusual embellishments and leather inlays, while prefer a more basic and less ornamental look. The choice is yours.

For years, women have worn boots with their jeans either with the jeans tucked into the footwear or rolled, or the jeans pulled down over the boot. Now females are coupling them with skirts and dresses. This type footwear looks right in place when matched with a peasant-type dress or a short, casual dress. Many celebs opt for this style including Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba.

Some choose to wear tights or leggings under a short skirt and with this footwear, which is a cool style.


Wear boots with a denim dress or skirt. The length of the dress or skirt can be short or ankle length. Pick the skirt or dress length depending on how much of the footwear you want to reveal.

A long, prairie denim skirt or dress worn with boots is a quintessential look or one can choose a fluted skirt because this silhouettes goes well with a pair of craggy footwear. A fluted skirt is sometimes referred to as a trumpet skirt. The hem is flouncy and flares out.

Get creative and wear them with a pencil skirt. This is certainly an unexpected look. You will probably garner a big response from your office-mates.

You may not want to wear this type footwear under a red-carpet gown but if you really want to shake it up, give it a shot. You won’t be the first gal to wear funky shoes under a glamorous gown. Actress/singer Cybill Shepherd was famous for wearing tennis shoes on the red carpet because of her bad back.

Under a wedding gown

If you are going to don boots under your wedding gown, be prepared for a mixed reaction, unless everyone at the event is a rancher and likewise, clad.

This is an unconventional choice ; however, if you are an unorthodox bride and this is what you want to do, go for it. Country girls do it all the time and don’t think twice about their choice.

Some brides are simply more comfortable wearing this type of footwear, which they are accustomed to, as opposed to high heels that can cause a lot of discomfort. Others do it because they are having a country-themed wedding, right smack-bad in the middle of a wild-flower filled field.

A short and sassy wedding dress or even a tea-length party dress would certainly show off your footwear to best advantage. No peep show here, but the full Monty.

If you have decided you are definitely going to incorporate this footwear into your wardrobe, or even into your wedding ensemble, do not get so carried away — unless you are actually gong to a rodeo– that you appear to be wearing a cowgirl’s costume. Avoid the fringed cut off jean shorts (Daisy Dukes) and keep the remainder of the outfit somewhat subdued so the boots take front and center stage and aren’t forced to compete.