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By Catalog Editor Staff

What Happened to the Improvements Catalog, Is it Available?

Launched in 1992, Improvements Catalog was popular home decor and furniture catalog. Based out of West Chester, Ohio, the Improvements Catalog provided a much-needed alternative to expensive professionals for home decor. Its popular tagline “Do it Yourself and Save” helped establish Improvements Catalog as a household brand back in the 90s.

In 2001, Home Shopping Network acquired the Improvements Catalog from Hanover Direct Inc. for $33.4 million. Under a service agreement with Home Shopping Network, Hanover Direct Inc. continued to provide fulfillment service for the Improvements Catalog for three years from the sale. 

Hanover Direct Inc. used the proceeds from the sale of Improvements Catalog to pay off its $5.5 million debt. The company said that the sale of these assets would enable them to improve their home-style business. To do so, Hanover Direct Inc. worked through their other brands like Company Store, Domestications, and Scandia Down.

After the acquisition, Improvements Catalog continued to operate as an independent unit under the HSN brand until 2018 and merged with the Home Shopping Network brand. 

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We get it. You must be looking to give a makeover to your living room or perhaps, you want to add a sleek-looking closet to your bedroom. You may have envisioned how you want your house to look to make it even more appealing. Well, a home decorator offers you all you require to remodel your house the way you want it to look. 

Can I order an Improvements Catalog?

Improvements catalog request | Improvements catalog, Improve, Space saving  storage
Unfortunately, the Improvements Catalog is no longer available in the way you may remember. This catalog is no longer in print. But. there are many home decor catalogs that offer digital catalogs. You can sign up at Catalogs.com and view the same home accents and decorative pieces at the same time you check your email! Our PDF catalogs will make scrolling a breeze (and allows the ability to copy/paste your favorite finds to your friends and relatives for upcoming holidays). While we all miss the Improvements catalog’s unique bird feeders and perfectly sized accent pieces, we’ve found some similar catalogs that may even bring options beyond where you’ve been looking. Check out the catalogs below for some great deals!

Where Can I Find Similar Catalogs to Improvements Catalog?

We understand your frustration in not finding what you’re looking for in a home decor catalog. As demonstrated by the record popularity of the Improvements Catalog, it’s understandable why you’d be reluctant to go elsewhere. But, we know you’ll be able to move on and even expand your horizon (all while reducing your wallet pulls). We understand your fear of missing out (FOMO) and think you’ll be better off having a wider array of options (it’s more fun to look at anyway). But, we at Catalogs.com would like to suggest several catalogs similar to the Improvements Catalog to help you through this frustration.

Want to explore more home decor catalogs like the Improvements Catalog? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Best Home Improvements Catalogs

Improvements Catalog has ceased to operate as an individual unit, but it does not mean there is any dearth of credible alternatives. In fact, there are tens to hundreds of home improvements catalogs that keep up with the hottest home improvement trends. They offer you everything you will need to spruce up your bedroom, living room to your entire home if it is what you have planned. But to make it easy for you to select the best home improvements catalogs, Catalogs.com has done all the heavy lifting for you. 

We present you with the best home improvements catalogs available today. Not only do these home improvement catalogs offer you the best ideas for products, but they also show you fully designed rooms and various interior styles. It aids your visualization to improve your home’s appearance. 

Here are our top picks for home decor catalogs:

Claire Murray

Claire Murray rugs and decor is the perfect catalog for decorating a sea-themed beach cottage or adding the perfect flair to your primary residence. Looking for that ideal contemporary rug to match the reds and browns in your living room? Then you’ve come to the right place. Put the finishing touches on your new home or spruce up your long lived-in home. Claire Murray has beautiful and sophisticated options that will have all your friends talking.

This catalog offers rugs, quilts, and all the bedroom accessories you need to feel like you’re living in a warm, inviting space. Claire Murray’s washable rugs are so convenient, they can be thrown into the washing machine and don’t need special treatment from your favorite dry cleaners. Their rugs are hand-hooked, so no two rugs are the same. Everyone loves individuality when it comes to their home, so why not take a look into your own individual rug. You won’t be disappointed. It is one of the best alternatives to the Improvements Catalog.

Home Decorators

Offering unmatched selection across a wide variety of home improvement items, Home Decorators is one of the leading home improvement catalogs available today, as you will find all you need to improve your home’s appearance here. 

With so many options available to choose from, Home Decorators Collection makes it even easier to give your home a touch of your personal style. Choose everything from rugs, window treatments, lighting, to furniture that suits your style to turn your home into a dream home that you always desired. 

Home Decorators Collection also offers outdoor furniture and accessories. If you want to turn your personal outdoor space into a personal oasis, you can make it a reality with their trendy and colorful outdoor furniture and accessories. Impress your friends and family with Home Decorators Collection’s exquisite indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories. 

Essential Home

The Essential Home collection brings you the perfect mix of the past and the present. Luxury and innovation merge seamlessly with the glorious retro look of the thirties and the sixties. Standing true to its mid-century furniture brand legacy, the Essential Home catalog skillfully leverages the historical and cinematic references of the earlier decades and furnishes them to design pieces that look iconic and yet cater to the demands of the contemporary. 

The exquisite features of the catalog stem from the expert craftsmanship that goes into it. These features accentuate your sense of aesthetics and make your decor appear timeless. Irrespective of the design you have now in your home, you can always upgrade it to fit Essential Home’s standards. 

You get sophistication in your solitude, and at the same time, the gorgeous buffets make your room look cohesive. Renovating your home decor to Essential Home means no missing piece or chances of the odd-piece out. Each unique item complements the other and makes the decor elegantly wholesome. 

Brylane Home

The Brylane Home catalog is your perfect pick for a cheerful outdoor and it comes with excellent-looking patio furniture, chairs, colorful cushions, and pillows. If you are keen to light up your outdoor living space – especially your patio, pool deck, and garden – the Brylane Home catalog offers you good-looking, robust furniture, colorful and carefully detailed if it is what you prefer. 

To create a romantic setting, go for the exquisite bistro set. Add the umbrella to give shape to your idea of a romantic shelter. You also get to select from the catalog’s large collection of folding chairs and tables, resin-based lounge furniture, and zero-gravity recliners. It makes your backyard or sun porch appear bright, stylish, and elegant. 

Their garden and yard decor specialties come with solar-powered fountains, creative planters, fence-top bucket planters, trellis accent flower boxes, and more. To incorporate an element of fun, go for the gazing ball that changes colors or artistic wind spinners. Among accessories, you get a curated selection of hand-painted dinnerware, glass beverage dispensers, rolling coolers, grill machines, shelves, and utensil racks. 

To make your nighttime ambiance appear more accentuated and classy, the catalog comes with a wide variety of lighting solutions. You get solar wall sconces, pathway lights, deck lights, solar stair lights, and more. Each item matches its atmosphere and highlights it in the most understated way. 

Design Toscano

Design Toscano is one of the premier most home improvement catalogs. It is known for infusing the historical and antique to design elements for your modern-day home and garden. The exotic decor features elements of the African, Egyptian, Asian and Tuscan culture in its furniture, statuary, tapestries, and wall art. The catalog merges the whimsical and the frenzied to the traditional. You get all you need to make the outdoors look cheerfully retro and classically innovative. 

You get to choose from inspiring angel arts, resin dragon sculptures, and catholic saint statues made of cement, metal, or resin. One of the most enticing features of the Design Toscano catalog is its selection of framed arts. It has some of the finest reproductions of some of the greatest artworks of all time. The sculptures, wall art, furniture, and accessories that come with the Design Toscano collection are unmatched. 

Design Toscano’s catalog is your one-stop-shop for collectible mantel clocks, exquisite tapestries, unique lamps, and everything you need to brighten up your home, lawn, or outdoor decor.

Plow & Hearth

When it comes to diversity, there is hardly any catalog that can match Plow and Hearth. Not only does the curation include elegant outdoor furniture, garden decorations, and accent, but it also offers exquisite landscaping details. Make the most of your outdoor living by ramping up your backyard, garden patch, and nurseries. The elements that the catalog incorporates are masterful arbors and trellises, sumptuous garden lights, statuaries, birdbaths, bird feeders, planters, pots, fountains, and more. 

Their outdoor furniture collection is robust and extensive. It caters to diners as well as entertainment lounges. To highlight the elements, you get all-weather cushions and pillows along with classic benches, stools, and other elements of garden seating. 

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma catalog is where you get luxury in abundance. Yet, the designs never appear overcooked or excessive. It brings you luxury home furniture sets for each room. While the sets for each room are expertly crafted and furnished, the collection for one room stands in elevating contrast with that of the other. 

With its gorgeous indoor tables and sofas and detailed dishes and platters, the William Sonoma catalog is any host’s dream come true. From high-end chairs to eyeball grabbing napkin holders, platters, plates, teacups, and vases, Williams Sonoma covers it all. Throw a party to entice your guests with your uniquely handcrafted TV stand or the outstanding coastal-themed bar tools. 

Crate and Barrel 

Known for its exquisite range of decor and furniture, the Crate and Barrel catalog is a must-have if you are a fan of contemporary and modern styles. It is also great for keeping up-to-date about the most happening design trends. Go ahead and get yourself a Crate and Barrel catalog for items ranging from classy housewares and luxurious furniture. 


The Swedish corporate giant Ikea is a well-known brand globally. Having entered into a partnership agreement with scores of well-known designers, Ikea offers a long line of elegant and stylish linens. The great thing about Ikea is that you do not have to shell out a huge sum of money for premium furnishings and accessories. 

In fact, IKEA offers furnishing items for all budgets, allowing people to buy premium furniture at a reasonable rate. Not only that, but IKEA’s catalogs are also an outright hit. Considering IKEA catalogs have become the go-to catalog for furniture styles and ideas, you should definitely get your hands on them. 

Grandin Road 

Are you looking for a home improvement catalog that offers urban and chic design trends? Well, your search ends here, as you will definitely love the Grandin Road catalog. Baby boomers, millennials, and Gen-Z all will find something that matches their style in the Grandin Road catalog. Such is its appeal. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and request a catalog

Pottery Barn

William Sonoma-owned Pottery Barn will become your favorite catalog if you are into upscale and premium interior products. Offering a wide variety of products from home decor to outdoor accessories, the Pottery Barn catalog will surely leave a great impression on you. Order today to get some amazing ideas about your home makeover.

Ballard Design

Are you looking for home improvement items with European style? Then, you will love Ballard Design. Not only does Ballard Design help you bring your creative best, but also provides you inspirational ideas to turn your home into the place that you had always dreamed about. Offering a combination of both modern and vintage style items, you can remain assured that you will find all you need to turn your home’s interior into a masterpiece.

The Company Store 

Specializing in bed linens, the Company Store offers you a wide variety of sheets, pillowcases, and covers. Their unique design will make your home even comfier. The Company Store catalog shows wonderful ideas regarding home decor and furnishings. Request this catalog to get wonderful ideas to prep up your home’s appearance to the next level.


With Frontgate, you can do so much more than just updating your bedroom. Not only does Frontgate offer you luxury furniture and accessories for your outdoor space, but it also brings you world-class indoor furniture. With so much variety available to them, you do not have to worry about finding something that suits your personal style. It is guaranteed that the Frontgate catalog won’t disappoint you, as it is full of inspiring designs and trends.

Restoration Hardware 

Restoration Hardware is the go-to catalog for anyone planning a luxurious makeover of their home. If you, too, are planning to do so, you will surely find the furniture and accessories to give shape to your dream. Known for its elegance and luxurious craft, Restoration Hardware will provide you with a plethora of inspirational ideas to turn your living space into your personal oasis. If you are into luxury furniture and home decor ideas, request this catalog today. 

Country Door

This fall, customize your home to your taste by choosing exquisite elements from the Through the Country Door catalog. Start with your perfect outdoor Halloween sign and eventually move inside to decorate the interiors with personalized doormats, mason jar kitchen art, colorful rocking chairs, barn-door pet crates, and more. The catalog also comes with a brilliant collection of tablescapes, including autumn harvest appetizer plates, classic stoneware, kitchen towels, ruffled chair cushions, innovative cookie jars, wooden rooster bins, table runners, and more. With modernized products for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom, that carry an organic, rustic feel, make your home decor more comfortable and inviting.

Ferm Living

Danish designs are known for their charm and elegance. If you want to bring this magic into your home’s appearance, you should check out the catalog from Ferm Living. Getting your hands on the Ferm Living catalog enables you to visualize how the color, designs, and materials once all are brought together in one place. Why wait to travel to the Scandinavian region to experience their unique interior design and decor, when you can do so by requesting the Ferm Living catalog.

West Elm

West Elms is a brilliant inclusion in the Williams-Sonoma brand of products. It comes with a fascinating collection of rugs, outdoor and indoor furniture, lighting, planters, bath products, and more. The entryway collections of West Elm, along with its elegant vases and bowls collection, help you enrich and add layers to interiors. You also get customized upholstery and beds to give your rooms the exact unique look you desire.

The bed and bath collections of West Elm also include organic, quick-dry, textured towels, duvet cover, and shams. Its nuanced approach towards home decor makes the brand attentive to every possible element. Only in ceramic vases, you get variants of pure white as well as bright colorful ones. Wholesome designs complemented by uniquely diverse elements are what make West Elm stand out. 


The Wisteria collection is where tradition meets the contemporary. It boasts of a heritage universal in its appearance and artisanal in its approach towards the craft. You get a wide range of home decor styles: classical, contemporary, mid-century modern, and post-modern, and avant-garde. Wisteria catalog has the perfect sets for your holiday redecoration.

Area-wise, you get highly finetuned combinations for your dining room, living space, bedroom, or home office. Every element in the collection is open to interpretation and fits a wide range of decor varieties. The catalog brings a range of sofas, accent and side tables, chairs, coffee tables, rugs, mirrors, ottomans, pillows and throws, and more. 


Orvis catalog brings elements that give your home decor the exact distinctive finetuning you need. Kitchen, dining area, and home bar extras to decorative pieces for your gathering area – Orvis has it all. Its exquisite collection of personalized glassware and barware inspires you for the best cocktails and classy brews.

The catalog includes elements for you to create a relaxing and welcoming outdoor – as well as a cozy and comfortable indoor. The recycled water trapper mats, classic area rugs, and durable carpets protect your surfaces while making them look uniquely accentuated. 

Collections Etc.

From furniture to storage, lighting, lamps, rugs, doormats, curtains, windows coverings, candle holders, wall art, decorative accents – you get all you need in the Collections Etc catalog. The items match well to both your needs of the home and the garden.

Catalogs Etc. offers a curated selection for each season. For example, you get winter woodland, snow places like home bath collections, porcelain gift box Christmas ornaments, retro-lighted Christmas trees, and more. The catalog prices are highly affordable and available in multiple variants in terms of color, texture, or design. 

The Lakeside Collection

The Lakeside is a comprehensive collection. It covers every vital aspect of your home decor needs. Starting from your Gardens and Outdoors, the catalogs come with exquisite suggestions for Bed and Bath, Kitchen and Dining, Clothing and Accessories, Farmhouse Decor, Gift Ideas, and more.

For the upcoming holidays, the Lakeside Collection comes with more than 275 items priced under $10. The items include elegant indoor and outdoor holiday accents, Christmas tree ornament sets, festive serveware and dinnerware, and much more. 

Lands’ End

From winter comforts to a dreamy white Christmas – the Lands’ End catalog is full of varieties. Each catalog has an extensive collection of throw pillows, rugs, decorative accents, plants and greenery, candles, and more. You will get suitable options for every area of your interiors – no matter how overlooked it might appear in the usual home decor plan. Starting from your family room and ending at your entryway, the catalog has a range of curated products for every zone – be it your bedroom, kitchen, dining, outdoor, or bedroom. Variants are available in multiple cheerfully somber colors, from black, blue, or green to metallic, tan, or ivory. 


The Anthropologie Candle Studio collection is where you get artful vessels and objects that are uniquely decor-worthy. The Amber Lewis collection has exquisite compositions for every space – your home office, bedroom, kitchen, dining space, and more. The custom furniture set by Anthropologie is highly personalized.

After all, it is made with pet and family-friendly fabrics of every shade. Its lighting products are your passports to instant enlightenment to modern-day glow-ups. Reimagined traditional rugs to beautiful wallpapers – Anthropologie has it all to fit your needs. 

Moma Design Store

From contemporary to artistic to avant-garde, the Moma Design Store home decor catalogs are full of standout furniture, efficient and classy kitchen equipment, lighting, accent, and more. You get both majestic and minimal candleholders, clocks, and vases. It doesn’t stop at this as from barware to drinkware, and from storage and travel containers to table linen and accessories, you get it all, carefully designed in multiple color variants. Your home itself becomes the heart of good design. 


Bassett’s catalog offers you a more than a hundred-year-old product range for your living, dining, and bedroom. Apart from sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and benches, end tables come with accents, and the sofa comes with console tables. Rugs, lighting, artworks, mirrors – it keeps no space unaddressed in your living room requirements.

In each category segment, you will get multiple varieties. Within the rug segment, for instance, you will get solid ones, patterned ones, and indoor/outdoor rug pads. The collection of decor lighting includes deep product lines of the table and floor lamps, pendants and chandeliers, and more.


The Artistica catalog comes with the finest choice of Italian pottery. It includes Deruta Dinnerware, Old World Tuscan Majolica, Deruta Candles, and more. From home decor to garden and patio needs, Artistica comes with accents and accessories that resemble the vintage style and highlight any and every contemporary architecture with ease and elegance. Choose from a collection of more than 4,000 products of Deruta Dinnerware, Deruta Christmas Ornaments, authentic Tuscan pottery, ceramic tables, and more. 

Lonestar Western Decor

With a unique assortment of rugs, bedding, hardware, furniture, lighting, pillows, and wall hanging, the Lonestar Western Decor catalog comes with all things western and southwestern. Not only that, but it also has a brilliant collection of quilt bedding, trail sheet sets, table lamps, and more. The collection aesthetics draw their inspiration from the exotic desert beauty of the Southwest and its rustic and rugged cowboy charm.

Their craftsmanship is best-in-class and carefully detailed with the nailhead trims, rich leathers, and reclaimed woods. To decorate your bedroom, you get everything from the Western bed sets to comforters – from the bed skirts and shams to cheerful accent pillows. That, too, in a wide variety of colors and textures. Combined with the lighting and bath hardware, the catalog makes your room elegantly vintage and complete. 


If you want all things American, Blair is the perfect home decor catalog for you. It offers a robust selection of household decor and furnishing at highly competitive prices. Its fall sale product list has been upgraded with up to 50% off on products. The items are available for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  

Miles Kimbal

The Miles Kimbal collection has a range of items for your kitchen, home decor, outdoor and garden, holidays and occasions, and more. The catalog is minutely devised and keeps note of every specific item you need in your list. Starting from innovative spatulas to your perfect happy fall garden flag – from a personalized Christmas card to the ideal bamboo toast tong – you get it all. From cooking items to calendars – ornaments to cards and address labels – the Miles Kimbal collection keeps note of your minutest needs.

Montgomery Ward

Sheets, Bath, Window Treatments, Personal Care, Portable Electronic Items, Small Kitchen Appliances – the Montgomery Ward collection is wholesome. Get trending items at affordable prices. The trending items include a 12-pieces towel set, 44[pieces all-in-one kitchen set, microfiber sheet set with multiple colors, steel-made ceramic-finish cookware set, woven bed set, sideboards, and more. To keep your home sparkling clean, the Montgomery Ward products offer the best-in-class floor care through gadgets, heaters, and air care products, sewing, and ironing solutions, washers and dryers, and more, at highly competitive prices.

Garnet Hill

The catalog has collections for both bed and bath, and rugs and decor. You can easily create the look of a reconstructed heritage or that of a cottage. The items are diverse and complement the interiors. Starting from the duvet and comforter covers to quilts and coverlets – you get it all. You have the option to choose your bedding according to your bed type. There are products made of Linen, organic cotton, and more. Among rugs and mats, you get hooked rugs, flat-weave rugs, indoor-outdoor and performance rugs, patterned, solid, and round rugs, doormats, and more. 

Schweitzer Linen

The catalog is an extensive collection of contemporary and traditional designs, with floral prints, bath collections, and fine dining items up for grabs. As a more than 50-years old, family-owned brand, the Schweitzer Linen works with the finest interior designers in the market. Its exclusive range of products is made from 300 thread count Sateen, Cashmere, and Alpaca. Shop from its unmatched collection of linen beddings, dust ruffles, block prints, and more. 

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

An expert in country home furnishings, the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalog comes with an experience of more than 65 years. The range of products includes furniture, rugs, lighting, wall decor, bed and bath, curtains, decor and pillows, kitchen and dining, and more. The seasonal decor products bring you inspiring textures and colors of the outdoors. You also get the most authentic USA-made shaker tables, upholstered seating, braided rugs, and more. 

Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus is an exquisite catalog of lighting, furniture, and decor. It comes with more than thousands of designs complemented by the logistical advantage of free same-day shipping. The line-up is full of design expertise in lamps, light fixtures, ceiling fans, outdoor lights. Moreover, it also comes as an authority in mirrors and accessories. The items are so diverse and well thought out that they fit every home decor style – modern, contemporary or traditional. 


Lifekind brings you a majestic and fulfilling collection of organic mattresses and bedding, kitchenware, bath products, laundry and cleaning items, personal and baby care, and more. Not only are these mattresses organic, but they are also luxurious, beautiful, and comfortable. The cotton kitchen towels are a perfect addition to your organic kitchen and lifestyle. The ultra-plush certified organic cotton towels also elevate your spa experience in your home bath. The Lifekind products are made to order at its California-based Eco-Factory and are certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


The Sundance home collections catalog is full of varieties in furniture, bedding and bath, decor, lighting, tabletop, rugs, and more. From exquisitely crafted sideboards to large decorative candle holders, hand-knotted large rugs, threaded baskets, creek benches, Bolivian throws, you get it all at Sundance. Among dinnerware and serve ware, you get gold artisan-hammered serving sets, cheese knives, flatware, and much much more. 

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We hope you love these recommendations and it reduces your frustration when looking for the Improvements Catalog. These options should fill the void on your outdoor furniture, home decor, and indoor and outdoor accents. If you don’t happen to find exactly what you’re looking for with these suggestions, check out our hundreds of other catalogs at Catalogs.com.


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