What is a gift shop store and how does it support fundraising efforts

What is a gift shop store and how does it support fundraising efforts

No trip to Memphis feels complete without a stroll through the handful of gifts stores surrounding Graceland. Why is that?

This type of shop has two main purposes. One is to sell tourists souvenirs at the moment when their impulse to buy them is strongest. Many people like to return from their travels with small gifts for family and friends as a way to share their experience. That?s why you?ll often find them near the exit at museums, theme parks and other attractions. 

The other purpose is to support an important cause or an educational institution. For instance, the American Diabetes Association Gift of Hope is an online retailer that helps support diabetes research. When you shop at these places, a portion of your purchase goes to support this field of research.

Have you ever stopped to ask what is a gift shop store, and why are they impossible to resist?~

On the shelves

Travelers don?t budget a lot of money for gifts, nor do they have much space in their suitcases for anything breakable. Many of the items that are sold in brick and mortar shops are smaller, affordable items like key chains and mugs. 

You can almost always count on finding an assortment of treats that represent regional fare. Go to the CNN Center in Atlanta and you?ll be hard pressed to leave without a few pecan rolls. Go skiing in Vermont and you know you?re coming back with the best cheese and maple syrup around, and don?t forget the maple fudge!

What is a gift shop store without unique jewelry and special candles? Add a charm to someone special?s charm bracelet or a necklace that symbolizes the search for a cure. If burning real candles makes you nervous, many carry flame-less candles, or battery operated lights designed to cast the same warm glow as a flame.

What to expect

Brick and mortar stores are a challenge when you have children with you, especially in places like Disney World. When kids are deep in the throes of this fantastic universe, anything branded with Mickey Mouse, or their favorite little princess, is a sudden must-have. 
Just because these stores double as gift and souvenir shops, the temptations inside shouldn’t lead you to avoid them all together. Souvenirs help capture the memories and joys of a trip. Follow these simple souvenir shopping tips before bringing the kids inside. They won’t be disappointed and you won’t break your budget.

  • Set expectations. Tell them they can look for fifteen minutes. The longer they spend inside, the more things they?ll fall in love with. 
  • Set a limit. Tell your son or daughter she can have one (or two) things. Suggest she choose something to enjoy now, like one of those crazy lollipops or Mickey ears, and one thing to enjoy when she gets home, like a figurine, snow globe or doll.
  • Disney on a budget. The total can add up fast so set a budget for souvenirs and gifts. Tell kids they can choose anything they want, but it has to be under $10. Knowing their budget before entering any toy paradise helps set their radar on items they can have.

The online side

Shopping for gifts online is becoming more and more popular every year. Wondering what is a gift shop store online compared to brick and mortar stores? The main difference is simple: the experience of visiting the store happens from the convenience of your home.

Online gift shops that are associated with a cause or institution will include the organizations logo at the very top of the home page. They?ll also sell many items related to the cause, like pretty search for a cure pendants and hope candles

Supporting a cause adds another layer of meaning to your gifts and raises awareness. Recipients learn about the organization and take heart in knowing their gift was purchased to help others.