How some of Adobe's products can help you

How some of Adobe’s products can help you

When asked the question, “What is Adobe software used for?” you can tell them it is a collection of software products that make your life easier if you have anything to do with working on a computer.

History of Adobe

Adobe is a company headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices located around the world. Named after a creek near one of the founders? houses, Adobe began by developing multimedia software products for the desktop publishing revolution. Once computers became commonplace about the early 1990?s, people who needed flyers and brochures no longer brought everything to a graphic designer who then gave it to a printer. They needed some kind of creative baseline software with which to design their collateral materials at their desks.

Enter Adobe. Adobe who came up with software products desktop publishes needed to do it themselves.

What is Adobe software?

Some of Adobe’s original products include Postscript and Truetype. Postcript is, in fact, the product on which Adobe was founded. A page description software, Postcript made it easier for programmers to write the code needed to run their computer programs. Adobe then created something called Type 1, a collection of digital fonts and the precursor to the Truetype fonts with which most average computer users are familiar.

Home computing made easy

Today, Adobe concentrates on making computer software products that make the internet easier to navigate. Some of Adobe?s current software includes Adobe Reader, Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign, among other pieces, all bundled under the label Adobe Creative Suite.

PhotoShop allows users to do everything from fix a scratch on an old photo to create orginal works of art by combining images, shapes, colors and text, then manipulating them to transform the pieces into a whole. 

Illustrator is a tool for designing images, like logos and other orginal works of graphic art. 

Adobe Reader allows users to read pdf files since they are easier to transfer and download via email.

InDesign is a software used to create flyers, brochures and even books.
In the future when someone asks the question, “What is Adobe software?”, the answer will depend on what computer technology is needed and for which products it is needed. If your flying car needs to learn to talk to you or the mechanic, maybe Adobe will come up with speech recognition software for your vehicle. Hey! You never know.