Mediterranean style will infuse your living spaces with new life!

Mediterranean style will infuse your living spaces with new life!

Design, like everything else in life, has all kinds of styles, subjects and even colors. When we focus on a particular design, such as the Mediterranean style, we focus on not only a way of decoration but on the culture, traditions and way of life of the people that live it day by day.

When searching for a new style to bring into your home, think about your daily life:

Do you entertain regularly?
Are you surrounded by kids and small children?
Do you have pets?
What’s been your typical decor style through the years?

All these questions are important because they will give you a sense of focus of what you really need in your life, not only what you want.

What is Mediterranean Design?

Based on the styles of the south of France, Spain and Italy, Mediterranean style has feel of vibrant colors, dazzling sunsets and nights on a terrace. It is described as an Italian villa or a Spanish terrace, both trying to evoke the nature of Europe and the lifestyle, never rushing and always enjoying the moments, as small as they can be.


What are the Basic Colors of the Mediterranean style

Turquoise, Sunflower Yellow, Red, Lavender, Deep Purple, and White are a few main colors of this style. The colors are used in patterns that are very symmetric at times and colors are used to play off each other.

What countries are mainly represented

South of France, Spain and Italy. Other countries include Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia.

How to Identify Mediterranean Designs

A very casual design, easily identified by the patters in tableware and fabrics. Mediterranean platters, table cloths, sculptures and pitchers are great objects that identify this style. Key pieces like these will make your design stand out.

How to Transform your Living Space

A great place to start transforming the room you are wanting to change, is paint. Painting the walls completely enhances the room and start slowly evolving your idea. Great colors to paint: light yellow, cobalt blue or turquoise. If the color is a very strong color, paint only one wall this color, as to not feel overwhelmed.

Furniture pieces for a Mediterranean feel need to be earthy and have the same tones. Nothing too modern or minimalist; think of it as anything you might find in an Italian Bed and Breakfast. Pine furniture, with a rustic feel, is an ideal way to go.

It is said water is also a common element, so try to add a small fountain nearby. The running water sound will calm you and evoke a more relaxing ambiance to your room.

Basic Pieces that bring Mediterranean Design

  • Fountains bring a sense of relaxation to your room.
  • Fabrics and Patterns: Tablecloth, Cloth Napkins
  • Large Platters: these countries focus on family meals and sharing good food with friends, so large platters are designed particularly for this purpose of sharing.
  • Rustic Furniture, and it does not have to be expensive. Light pine pieces can be found inexpensively in auctions and stores.

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