What is the college common app

High schoolers need to answer what is the college common app

High schoolers need to answer what is the college common app

When you are getting ready to head off to college one of the tasks that will take up the most time and be the most tedious is filling out applications to the different schools you are considering attending.

Most people feel that this is one of the top reasons why they don’t apply to all the schools they could, and actually want to go to, because filling out several of the same questions over and over again is just too stressful and time consuming. That is why the common application website comes in very handy.

So what is the college common app? Basically this particular tool is a website that allows you to fill out one application and send it out to any one of the more than 400 different colleges that have become aligned with the application.

This means that should all of the colleges you want to apply to are listed with this website you will be able to fill out one application and send it out to two, three, 20 or 50 different colleges with just a couple of clicks.


Not only does this simplify the application process for students who are trying to get over the hump when it comes to this particular step, but it simplifies the application process for colleges that are involved in this app because they don’t need to come up with brand new applications every year. The colleges involved in this app have basically all signed off on the idea that the application that is filled out answers all the questions they have for potential incoming freshmen quite nicely.

Clearly this particular application is well thought of by an ever-growing number of colleges and universities. When the common application organization first started offline in the 1970’s there were only 15 schools that had actually affiliated themselves with the organization. In five years, that number had grown to more than 100 and now, almost exactly 40 years after the idea was first formulated has 488 member universities or colleges.

More colleges are joining every year because they understand that applicants can actually spend more time doing their entry essays, and working on their senior year coursework instead of having to sit down and fill out the same questions over and over.

Applicants also see the benefit of this particular site because at last count, the common application site logged more than 2.5 million applicants in 2011 alone.

While not every college has joined the organization that administers the site, you can still save time even if only two or three of the colleges that you want to apply for use the app. Only colleges that use a specific kind of entry application can join this particular site, but even if you are applying to a college that doesn’t use this particular application, the potential students can still save time if just a few of their target schools are included in this app.

The best news, for people who are looking to streamline their college application process, is that the site has an easy search function that will help you find the school you are looking for, or quickly rule out that the college you are searching for isn’t included in the common college app. If you know the name of the school or just the state it is located in, you can quickly and easily do a search and then add it to the list of schools that you are going to submit an application to.  

The application is usable for first year students as well as transfer students, so no one is left out from using this particular application.