Get nominated for Best Gift!

Get nominated for Best Gift!

Everyone has a friend or relative that can link a movie to any conversation they are having. Wouldn?t it be great to give them a gift that highlights their passion for film and is something that they?ll appreciate forever? Here are a few ideas for the movie buff on your gift list.

Be trivial

Movie Buff is the name of a family friendly trivia card game. There are no pre-determined questions on each card. So, the chances of exactly duplicating a game are slim. Each round of play relies on the player?s own film knowledge ? the cards guide the game instead of mandating it. While this is more along the lines of a cinematic Exploding Kittens, it?s fun and adaptable for players of all ages.

Home theater

If you prefer watching movies at home, creating a theater experience might be exactly what you need. Hang vintage movie curtains around your television that can open as you are starting the movie. Many furniture stores offer reclining seats with cup and snack holders built right in, just like the nicer theaters do now. Add a popcorn machine in the corner and you?re all set.


Ticket stub diary

Keep track of the movies you?ve gone to see with a ticket stub diary. A hardbound blank journal is perfect for preserving your personal reviews of movies. Take a moment to jot down a favorite line from the film or write up a quick note about why you would recommend it or not. This way, if somebody asks if they should see it, you?ll have the answer!


How about coasters that look like movie posters or a wine rack shaped like a film reel? These are just a couple of ideas to enhance the d?cor of the movie lover in your life. For the Avengers fan, consider a Captain America replica shield cutting board ? that way they can be the hero of the kitchen. For the overly dramatic friend, an Oscar statuette might be just the ticket.

Movie clapboard

Look like a professional with a traditional movie clapboard. Write on it with chalk to let viewers know all about your production. When your event is over, erase it until your next filming extravaganza. This idea is also the perfect prop for Oscar parties or school plays.

Movie care package

Load up a basket with popcorn, salt and plenty of candies to give as a movie gift. Raisinets, licorice and Junior Mints are some classics that people only tend to purchase when they go to the movies. Bring the experience to them with this idea. If you?re feeling mischievous, add in some Dots or Juju fruits. These are just about guaranteed to pull the fillings out of teeth ? if you try to eat them too quickly.

Shows on the go

Technology is a film lover?s best friend. If you have a great smart phone and a mini portable projector, you?ll never be without your movie fix. This idea is especially great if you want to have outdoor movie nights with friends and neighbors. To boost sound, hook up external speakers and let the soundstage be full.  Have everyone bring a snack or drink and perhaps a chair. Now everyone please be seated and be quiet ? the party is about to start!