Here's what to wear for a beach wedding as a guest

Here’s what to wear for a beach wedding as a guest

Wedding season means it?s time to make a little room in the summer wardrobe for lovely, flirty dresses you can dance in. You know the drill when it comes to ceremonies in chic hotels and grand ballrooms. A wedding on the beach is another story.

Rules of etiquette are much looser for ceremonies on sand. They have to be. If you?ve ever attempted walking in heels on sand, you know why most women opt for sandals. Actually, many prefer bare feet, but that depends on the occasion?s degree of formality.

So, what to wear for a beach wedding as a guest? Obviously the dress code is more casual, but the tricky part is determining how casual to go. Fortunately, there are countless ways to impress with seaside fashions that look good whether you’re striking a pose or jumping a wave,

The Dress

Shoes will likely come off shortly after arrival and hair is bound to blow around, so let?s focus on the dress. There are a few things to keep in mind when narrowing down your favorites:

  • The beach gets windy so make sure your dress is long or fitted enough that you won?t have to worry about things getting a little too breezy.
  • Weather is especially unpredictable by the sea. Choose a sturdier fabric that?ll stand up to salt air and wind.
  • Embrace the setting.   

Don?t get too bogged down worrying about what to wear for a beach wedding as a guest. The happy couple chose to tie the knot in a most romantic and fun setting. Being by the beach evokes a wide range of carefree, lively feelings. Choose a dress that makes you feel this way, too.


Popular choices include bright color shift dresses with sleeveless tops and easy breezy knee-length skirts. If you?re looking for a glamorous number, look to the white Maxi dress with a hi-low hem that won?t drag over the sand. Sky blue in a side-draped style is classy and practical.

For Men

Men have it a lot easier when it comes to formal occasions. For beach weddings, nod to the setting with a Hawaiian or light colored shirt and slacks or nice shorts. Couples who throw a wedding on the beach don?t expect you to show up in a tuxedo.


This is a good time to get a pedicure and not the place for your best shoes ? sand can ruin them. Nice sandals are completely appropriate here. Some beach wedding couples set out buckets of flip-flops for guests. If you must have a heel, go for a low one on comfortable sandals.

Remember the wind

The beach has a way of getting chilly once the sun goes down. If the ceremony takes place at sunset or after, be sure to bring a shawl or warm jacket for extra warmth. A wide, gauzy scarf is a versatile option, too, as you can pull it over your head, use it for warmth or to sit on one the sand later.


Summer is not a time to over accessorize. Keep it minimal with a few favorite pieces. Silver and gold jewelry reflect the sun in a flattering way while braided leather and hemp bracelets are in keeping with seaside style. 

Let the shore bring out your natural beauty and consider minimal makeup over oil-free sunscreen. A little lip gloss, shimmer of eye shadow and light brush of mascara go a long way in this setting. 

Excited yet? Deciding what to wear for a beach wedding as a guest is only the beginning. Wait till you arrive with music and crashing waves welcoming you. Let the breeze do what it will to your hair and have a fabulous time.