What to wear for golf when it’s cold

Here is a list of things to wear when you're golfing in cold weather

Here is a list of things to wear when you’re golfing in cold weather

We all know that Golf, by and large, is a warm weather sport. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of times when you want to go hit the course even when the weather isn’t cooperating. The bad news is that there is some weather you just aren’t going to be able to play in. If there is a blizzard going on, you’re probably going to have to stay off the course or no other reason than you won’t be able to see or find your ball.

Short of that kind of crazy snow storm, there are ways you can play golf when it’s cold and still stay plenty warm. You just need to make sure you are wearing the right gear. People think of stuff that people wear when they’re golfing to be usually wearing light clothing in order to stay cool because they’re are playing in the spring or summer.

Golf can be played in the fall and even the winter in some places as long as what you wear is changed up to reflect it. If the weather is cool, but not bone-chillingly cold, you might be able to make do just by putting on an extra layer of clothes.  More often than not, you will hear talk of a “golf sweater” that is a lighter sweater that might come in a style like a cable knit vest. By not having sleeves these sweaters allow you to have a full range of motion when you are swinging your club.

Because the vest doesn’t have sleeves, there is usually a trade-off to actually keep you warm. This means that you’ll likely be sporting a cotton or wool sweater that will still be heavy enough to keep your core warm, without weighing you down.


You can also go with heavier slacks as far as your pants go to keep your lower body warm. It should be pointed out that you can go with jeans if you absolutely need to, but that isn’t actually a part of what most people are going to wear when they are out on the golf course.

If it’s a little too cold for just a sweater, there are also some lighter jackets you can throw on to still be able to play and keep yourself warm. The point, when looking for the right clothes, is that you want to be able to dress nice and warmly but you don’t mean to be so loaded down you can’t play the game. If you have to don a full size and super thick or super puffy winter coat, it’s probably better to just forego playing that day altogether. 

In order to make sure the rest of your body is staying as warm and toasty as your torso, there are a number of different beanies or stocking hats that you can wear on the course that will keep your head and ears warm, yet still look like they belong in the setting of a game of golf. Just like the rest of your clothes you want to make sure it fits your head in a way that it won’t bother you when you are at the height of your swing. 

Golf gloves have long been a part of the attire of most people who play the sport. The difference is that the usual gloves are actually built to be airy and light so your hands aren’t getting all sweaty and you can keep a good grip on your clubs. When thinking about what to wear on the golf course when it’s cold you are going to want to get a very specific kind of golf glove. There are pairs of gloves out there that have quite a bit more padding, and less air flow built through them in order to serve the same purpose while also providing a good deal of heat. Grabbing a pair of these when you’re heading out the door on a cold day is a must.