What to wear instead of a bra

There are options to wearing a bra

There are options to wearing a bra

Most women won’t venture outside their home with wearing a bra. Those who do, probably shouldn’t. Granted, small-chested women don’t require them, but for the rest of us this undergarment is essential.

Breasts need support. If a woman goes through life without wearing anything to support her bosom she most likely will end up with very saggy breasts, which most women do not aspire to. Women wear this undergarment not only for support but to enhance or diminish bust size and to conform to societal expectations. 

Over the years, there has been much ta-do over this particular clothing item. If old enough, you remember the ruckus back in the 1960s and ’70s when females were going braless or burning their undergarments as an outcome of the free-love movement and, more importantly, women’s liberation.

This garment represented to some the quashing of women’s rights and considered restrictive and emblematic of the second-class treatment women were subjected to. 

The majority of women stuck with this undergarment, even while espousing equal rights; however, now there are very acceptable options if you know what to wear instead of a bra.


Camisoles, slips and teddies can be worn in place of a traditional breast support. These undergarments are constructed of fine gauge microfiber, which makes them feel like a second skin and holds the bosom in place. Many have built in underwire, or are constructed to give your breasts support while still looking romantic, sexy and stylish.



Shapewear is not only comfortable but supportive and pretty. Shapewear is an undergarment created to hold a body in and mold it to a certain shape. Its predecessors were the corset and girdle, which were extremely uncomfortable and, usually, not very pretty. Women tolerated these torture devices because they had no choice or options and because it was expected of them to wear them. Nowadays, undergarments are enormously comfortable. Three cheers for that! 

You can look good and be comfy at the same time. Whether you wear a traditional breast supporter or one of the options — a camisole, teddy or slip — when these items are constructed of specific materials there are numerous benefits to the wearer in addition to support, comfort and a slenderizing effect. Back bulge is eliminated, the straps say in place and side boob bulge is no longer an issue.

Different versions of shapewear include those providing firm or extra control and those issuing light or moderate control. If wearing shapewear undergarments in place of a traditional breast supporter, you should opt for firm control to hold the ‘girls’ in place.

The difference in control is based on the weight or thickness of the material, which may be a cotton blend of Lycra Spandex. When compression fabric is advantageously placed it makes a huge difference in the wearer’s silhouette.

Chose the type of shapewear your body needs. If you require a lot of help, go with denser material because it provides more compression.


Undergarments have evolved over the years, getting better, more comfortable, prettier and functional. As women became athletically involved there was a need for greater breast support that could be worn while playing sports. In response to that need, the sports bra was born. It prevents jiggling, bouncing and injury to the breasts. These undergarments feature thicker straps, which dispense weight more equally over the breasts. A wide band under the breasts provides support while thwarting chafing.

Try it

If you really would like to forgo the traditional breast support on occasion, shop for teddies, camisoles and full slips providing the same support and lift that a brassiere would. You have eliminated one article of clothing, which is liberating.

Okay, you don’t have to burn the bra, but you get the gist!