What to wear this summer for moms

What to wear this summer for moms busy with kids and warm weather activities

What to wear this summer for moms busy with kids and warm weather activities

Just because you’re a young mom busy chasing a toddler or preschooler doesn’t mean you don’t care how you look. But who has time to shop for clothes when you have a couple of energetic children in tow? The answer is, you!  With a little planning, some online shopping and a couple of carefully planned outings, you can put together a beautiful summer wardrobe that will keep you looking cool and together all season long.

Ready to look great? Let’s figure out what to wear this summer for moms!

Start with what you have

Okay, we all know this, but how many of us actually do it? Take advantage of naptime and go through the summery clothes in your closet. Pull them all out, try them on (it’s okay if some things don’t fit…babies change our bodies as much as we would like to pretend otherwise.)  Make two piles.  The “looks good and fits” pile, and the “not now” pile. Anything that’s really beat up or out of style goes in the trash. The “not now” pile gets packed away. No fussing!  Do it!

Double your effectiveness, and review the kids’ clothing needs at the same time. Many websites and stores that offer summer clothes for hip young moms also feature adorable kid’s fashions. Just follow the steps outlined below for their clothes as well as yours.

Figure out what you need

Once you have the usable items sorted out, start making outfits. Take notes on what you need to make outfits.  Be specific. For example, write down “white short sleeved t-shirt” not just “t-shirts.”  Try to identify items that can go with several existing pieces of clothing. Remember, the goal is to figure out what to wear this summer, not to replace all of your clothes.
Boot up and start shopping

Remember when you could spend hours searching the racks at the mall?  Now forget that…we are going for realistic here!  Start your shopping trip online. Type in the specific items you need, or go to your favorite online clothing stores and search there. Need short sleeved tops to go with two skirts and a pair of shorts you have? Try to stay in focus until you find that exact item. Order when you find it, or create a bookmark file and mark the items you find so you can return to them easily.

Go through your list and find as many of the items as you can. If the prices are reasonable, buy them immediately. Saving a few dollars in a store is not worth spending hours combing through racks and discount stores.

The extras you need

Now make of a list of the other things you think of when you consider what to wear this summer. Do you need some cool and comfortable cotton dresses?  A new swimsuit? A lightweight jacket for breezy evenings?  Now is this time to look at your budget and add those items to your shopping plans. Again, start online and buy as much as you can that way. Your time is precious!

The final fill in

After you’ve exhausted the online shopping options, take your remaining list to the mall for the last additions. This is also a good time to add accessories like a new purse, some earrings or a pair of strappy sandals. Those finishing touches can also add a new feel to existing outfits, giving you an instant fashion boost without spending a lot of money.

Some hot fashion looks this summer

When you’re doing your shopping and trying to decide what to wear this summer, don’t miss some of these hot items to add a current look to your summer 2009 wardrobe:

  • Long (maxi) sundresses
  • Plaid board shorts
  • Lace trimmed pastel tees
  • Espadrilles
  • Summer-weight scarves for color and drama

Work a few of these new fashions into your wardrobe to freshen it up, without replacing everything. You’ll feel in style and stay within your budget. What more could a busy mom want?