Knowing what you can wear with a pencil skirt gives you many fashion options

Knowing what you can wear with a pencil skirt gives you many fashion options

Fashion sometimes comes about accidentally and a new ‘style’ is heralded as a result of the unintentional. In 1906, a woman named Mrs. Berg was the first female aeroplane passenger chosen by the Wright Brothers. The aviators tied a rope above Mrs. Berg’s ankles so the billowing dress she was wearing would not get caught in the propellers. A photograph of Mrs. Berg and her tied skirt led to the creation of the hobble skirt, which was a short-lived fad.

In 1940, fashion designer Christian Dior introduced the pencil skirt, a shorter version of the hobble. The Dior creation was a big hit with women because it showed off their curves. It was worn with a jacket or a sweater or a fitted blouse. Office workers in that era frequently wore this style.

The pencil skirt is classic. What you wear with a pencil skirt includes high heels or flats, a jacket, a sweater or a blouse. Browse contemporary fashions to find the separates that work with your pencil skirt.

The silhouette it creates is of a small-waist woman with luscious hips. A flattering pencil skirt accentuates a woman’s caboose, which the opposite sex finds very attractive, or so the rumor goes. It also shows off the legs.


Marilyn Monroe was a huge fan of this style, as was pin-up girl Betty Page and actresses Audrey Hepburn and Ava Garner.

During World War II, fabric was scarce. It look less material to make this garment than it did the fuller pieces fashionable prior to the war, thus one reason it was in high demand during the 1940s.

The garment is knee length or reaches slightly below the knee. There is a slit in the back or sometimes on the side, or a pleat, which makes it easier to walk in. Because the style is narrow, it confines movement thus the need for the slit or pleat.

When wearing this item, a woman takes condensed strides because the skirt is close-fitting. Be very careful when emerging from a car. Keep your legs together.

This garment goes well with high heels, hose or tights or with bare legs, as is the current fashion. A retro look is achieved by coupling the garment with stockings featuring a black seam down the back. This is very sexy looking.

Wear flats with this skirt, including loafers, resulting in a preppie rather than glamorous look.

One perk is warmness. The garment is close-fitting, which lowers ventilation. Wear it in the winter with tights and boots and you will stay cozy.

This style is the perfect complement for a jacket. Female attorneys and other professional women often wear this style because it shows they mean business but it is also feminine.

A jacket featuring a peplum goes well with this item as does a cropped cardigan sweater or a short bolero type jacket. The jacket doesn’t have to match the bottom garment. You can wear divergent textures and colors. A bright red jacket with a slim, black skirt is a good look. Add a strand of pearls and slip on high heels.

Other options include wearing a vest over a blouse or another type of top along with the slim bottom garment or a longer jacket, hiding parts you don’t want on display. The pencil skirt is versatile and works well with any number of clothing items.

You can not go wrong with this item. Every woman should have at least one slender skirt in her wardrobe. It’s a classic and a staple.