When should you get an instant film camera

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Here are a couple of reasons to use an instant film camera

Here are a couple of reasons to use an instant film camera

If you are someone who loves photography, but you want to put a kind of different spin on your hobby there are a couple of different cameras you can try. There are always some super fancy digital cameras that will allow you to change things up and give your personality a real different look at those pictures.

Another way you can go is to actually go out and get an instant film camera. There are a couple of different reasons why you would actually go with this kind of camera. If you’re wondering when should you get an instant film camera, then you need to look no further than this article.

When You Want Instant Gratification

Of course, the main reason you should use an instant film camera is because you want to be able to see the fruits of your labor right away. Using an instant film camera allows you to avoid the wait at the local pharmacy as their lab techs develop your film. You can even avoid the wait and the expense of printing out your photos from your computer.

When You Want a Sense of Nostalgia

While taking photographs has actually been made quite a bit easier thanks to digital cameras, there is something really neat about the instant camera. These kinds of cameras were the first cameras that allowed people to have their pictures right in their hands just minutes after they took the photo. Quite a few times, instant cameras were the first cameras a kid would get, because they can see the pictures they’ve taken right away.

All of this means you can feel as though you’re taking pictures back in the day, when you first picked out your first camera and starting snapping away. 


When You Want To Have Fun At a Party

There’s something really fun about taking a number of pictures and then showing them to all your friends. You can even make a kind of party game out of snapping photos and showing them around. You can even put together games like making people have the funniest pictures and winning prizes. You can also make sure that people who were at the party are able to have pictures they can actually take home with them when the party is over.

When you Want Some Privacy

While taking pictures might not seem to be an exercise in getting privacy but there are some things you can do with an instant camera that will indeed give you some level of privacy. When you are using a more traditional camera, you are more than likely going to be having someone looking through your photos in order to develop them.

Even if you have a digital camera and are looking to print the photos out at your house, there is still always the chance that someone else is going to be able to get their hands on your photos. If someone manages to steal your camera, they can even do whatever they want with those pictures. When you are using an instant film camera, you are able to have the photos and then destroy any other evidence the photos were taken at all.

When You Want to Scrapbook

If you are doing some kind of craft like scrapbooking, then you are printing out the photos right away and you can put them in the book right after you take the photo. This allows you to skip the step of printing the photos. You can even skip the step where you have to go out and buy the special paper and actually send the photo to the printer. You can just go right to the hobby you enjoy most.