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Lawn Decor Tips: Best Placement for Effect and Maximum Charm

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Lawn decor has moved far past the random gnome stage and is now an intrinsic part of curb appeal and backyard design. There are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect elements for your lawn and garden areas. We have gathered some great lawn decor tips so you can take this opportunity to be creative and add elements that mean something to you.

From the Front: Front Lawn Decor Tips

This is your chance to make a great impression on your neighbors, visitors, and people driving down your street. Great landscaping is the best place to start, making sure your lawn decorations are tidy and well maintained. Add seasonal color in the way of flowers, ornamental grasses, and shrubs.

After that, find pieces that suit your style and needs. For instance, a tall, square welcome pole can sport your address and invite visitors to your home as well as marking the edge of your yard or driveway.

Mailboxes are another way to get decorative and creative. If you’re a gearhead, consider making a post for your mailbox out of large crankshafts or camshafts. Dig a hole and pour in cement to hold the post firmly in place, then attach the mailbox to the top. This is one mailbox that won’t push over easily.

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The Backyard has it All

Birdbaths, fountains, trellis, feeders, and birdhouses are just some of the elements you can incorporate into your backyard design. Solar lights are also a good lawn decor tip that can add pops of color, brighten pathways, or spotlight special plants.

If you have a kitchen garden, install a decorative fence around it with a charming gate for access. This will also help control any critters that might feel the need for a midnight snack. The fence makes it easy to attach bird netting or chicken wire to keep smaller animals out. Create hidden seating areas with a bench behind taller flowers or shrubs. Add a viewing ball and it can be your own secret garden. For parties, hang lights made of Mason jars and LED candles from limbs for a safe and illuminating ambiance.


The fence is a perfect backdrop for decorating your yard. If it’s a wooden fence or brick wall, consider painting a mural or installing a large vinyl graphic to liven the area up. Just imagine, it could look like the ocean is steps away or that your yard leads to a giant apple orchard.

Alternatively, a fence is a perfect place to hang garden planters. This is a great way to grow those herbs that tend to take over if not contained, such as mint and rosemary.

Another idea is to hang empty picture frames and mirrors on your fence. They will highlight the plants in front of them or give you a view that you normally wouldn’t see. 

Contain yourself – a lawn decor tip for any size yard

Garden containers come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a limited growing area, use containers both to decorate your yard and hold all the greenery, fruits, flowers, or vegetables you desire.

Larger pots make for dramatic displays, while tiny ones can be moved around the yard and used as centerpieces for outdoor tables. Choose simple lawn decors or paint pots in bright colors that draw attention. 

It’s not Rust, It’s Patina

Shabby chic is the rage these days with rust, verdigris copper, and oxidized paint being the center of attention. Perhaps you have an old iron bistro set. It might be too unstable to use as a table and chairs, but it might make a perfect plant holder. Let the rust come through the paint for a natural, un-found look. The copper that has turned green with age adds a rustic charm. And, you can keep that look forever. For instance, if you have a bird feeder that has the perfect balance of bright copper and soft green, paint it with a clear coat to seal the look in place. 

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Without a doubt, there are hundreds, if not thousands of directions you can go in when decorating your yard and following lawn decor tips for the best effect. The key is to go with what you like, so you’ll spend more time outside with family and friends.


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