Serious collectors know where to buy discontinued collectible dolls

Serious collectors know where to buy discontinued collectible dolls

When it comes to collectibles, there are all kinds of people who collect all sorts of things. When it comes to collectible dolls, this particular hobby is one of the most popular, because dolls have literally been around for centuries. The way dolls are put together and the likenesses they depict have certainly changed over the years, but there are still plenty of people who just love the way a collectible doll looks.

These dolls have all kinds of different sets and makers and new soon-to-be collectible dolls are put into circulation all the time. When talking about actually collecting these dolls, it tends to be after a line has been discontinued that really makes them worthwhile.

If you can get dolls quickly and easily, it takes a bit of the fun out of actually collecting them. If you can find a doll you have been searching for years then the collecting is just part of the fun. Knowing you put some real work into completing a set is why people have lots of fun with this hobby. This is usually the case when you are talking about any kind of collectible. Finding the object is most of the fun and knowing where to look becomes a bit of an art form.


The Internet has certainly made it easier to locate all things collectible, whether they are still being produced or have been discontinued. Searching high and low doesn’t take getting into a car and driving hours just to come up empty. There is a fine line in this regard.

Searching for something makes finding it that much more entertaining. Searching for something but coming up empty over and over again stops being fun rather quickly. So if you are a doll collector, knowing where to look, even if you are just searching the web comes in handy.

Some people will just assume that you have to find a site that is specially dedicated to this kind of collecting. The problem with these sites is that you are going to run into people who are wanting to charge more than they should be in order for a discontinued doll. If you want to know where to buy discontinued collectible dolls and not have to pay a pretty penny, there are a couple of sites you can hit that will allow you to bid against other people, or just buy the dolls outright.

Almost everyone these days has heard of eBay, but there are still plenty of people who don’t realize all the interesting things you can get from the site. People are always looking to sell  collectibles, either because they understand the profit that can be made from them, or because they simply don’t want them in the house any longer. The explosion of the Internet has led most people to know there are sites where they can get rid of things that are just taking up space in their house. Sometimes these people don’t understand the value of what they are trying to sell.

Because eBay is a huge site that’s easy to use, people are always adding new items, including discontinued collectible dolls. This should always be your first stop if you are looking for that one piece to finish your collection. 

Craigslist is another site where you can find all kinds of different collectibles. This site is going to be a little harder to navigate simply because you need to search each city and state individually. Of course, if you are really looking, it helps to be able to narrow the search down by checking off a city every now and then.

The benefit of a site like Craigslist is that if you are able to find a piece you are looking for in your town, you don’t have to wait for it to be mailed. Instead you can set up a meeting point and go get the doll that day.