Interested? This is where to find out about Qigong, a gentle exercise

Interested? This is where to find out about Qigong, a gentle exercise

You are interested in Qigong and want to learn more. First off, are you sure you are pronouncing the name correctly? 

Qigong consists of two Chinese words. Qi is said as ?Chee? and Gong is pronounced ?Gung.? Chee means vital energy or the life force flowing through all things in the universe. Gong means skill cultivated through regular practice or accomplishment. 

Together the two words mean cultivating energy. This system is used for healing, enhancing vitality and health maintenance.

There are differences styles of Qigong practices, which is an alternative complementary medicine form, but they all include mental focus and breathing techniques. Some practices are spiritual while others are medical or martial.

Where to find out about Qigong? Google it. The National Qigong Association as well as other martial arts sites provide lots of information about this ancient health system, integrating breathing techniques with physical postures and focused intention.

These exercises affect dimensions of a person?s being that are not addressed in conventional exercises programs that do not involve the meridian system utilized in acupuncture nor do they stress the importance of including mind intent and breathing techniques to physical movements. When these elements are included, the benefits are far greater.


When doing the rhythmic and gentle movements this builds stamina, lessens stress, enhances vitality and improves the immune system.There is evidence practitioners of Qigong experience improved respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular and digestive functions.

Those who regularly practice this form of exercise discover they heal quicker from an illness, regain their youthful energy and are maintaining good health as they age. Additionally, research shows balance is improved and practitioners are far less likely to fall than those who do not practice Qigong.

The exercises lower high blood pressure and help people make the body/mind/soul connection, which is vitally important. Calming the mind and healing the body, as well as reconnecting with their spirit, is one outcome of this practice.

Anyone of any age or physical ability can practice this form of exercise and you don?t need any equipment, so it?s not expensive. Children can be introduced to this practice. It helps them increase concentration and direct their energy. Qigong is used by midwives to help a woman through labor and childbirth. It eases the laboring woman.

This is an all purpose exercise. It strengthens nerves, loosens muscles, improves power, makes the internal organs sturdier, safeguards ligaments, bones and joints by making them stronger. It lessens stress, helping individuals balance their emotions.

This is not a vigorous workout and it doesn?t involve muscular contraction. When muscles contract, the flow of chi/energy is stopped and you don?t want that. Instead you are loosening muscles and allowing energy to flow through.


Energy flows along the nerves. The nerves are a go between when it comes to the mind and body. As you become more accomplished in this form of exercise, you will find your body awareness is much improved and your nerves are stronger. You have cleared out blockages. 

You learn how to move your joints without them locking and, if you fall, how to relax as you are falling. It also teaches one how to turn properly and increases the spring and flexibility of ligaments.

Some compare Qigong to a acupuncture treatment coupled with a good stretch because their energy is improved and fluids in the body are circulating better.

The movements can be done very easily and can be executed while standing or sitting down. Practitioners move gently, which regulates the body?s important need for oxygen/carbon dioxide balance because more oxygen gets into the system when moving in this fashion.

Slow, deep breathing makes the blood vessels open so the heart doesn?t have to work so vigorously. Breathing is a way of improving the lymph system.

A person?s body actually transitions into waking generation mode when doing these exercises because the nervous system switches from being in the overactive sympathetic mode over to the restorative parasympathetic mode, which improves awareness and performance and makes the person feel calm.