Learn where to find unique designer jewelry brands for that special accessory

Learn where to find unique designer jewelry brands for that special accessory

Most women, and some men, too, certainly know how to shop for jewelry; they’ve been doing it most of their lives. However, if you really want to find a one-of-a-kind piece for yourself or a loved one do you know where to find unique designer jewelry brands that will make a real statement?

First, determine what you fancy. It may be something that is decidedly NOT trendy. You prefer exclusive, singular and perhaps have a hankering for an idiosyncratic piece of wearable art. 

You are not likely to fine something one-off from a mass jeweler because other people can and do buy the items and it becomes common or even a trend. 

It may be you love pieces that bring to mind traditions within certain cultures or items made from eccentric materials such as animal teeth, bones, beads, glass, coins, wood or ivory. And it may be you love diamonds and pearls but want something nobody else has.

When jewelry is created by a true artisan in an avant-garde form and is well done, it is likely to become a statement piece because it is so unusual. 

When you have decided the type of design you want, the materials you prefer in the piece, the piece’s place of origin and the precise jewelry era you particularly love, you must find a reputable jeweler who is the real thing, with a combination of technical skill and artistry.

You need to do some research because you may not be aware of special jewelers and their brand may not be in your lexicon but it should be.


If pearls are your passion, look no further than the many local designs, which transform cultured pearls into the most beloved fashion accessory of all. A fine jeweler is the original and premium purveyor of cultured pearls. 

They expose the optimum materials and, through novel designs and distinguising craftsmanship, transforms pearls into the most sophistical jewelry conceivable.

The cultured pearl industry in 1893, which enabled women all over the world access to them. The creator had a devouring fascination with quality as well as possessed mastery of technique and aesthetics, which makes the Mikimoto pearls a cherished fashion fixture. 

If smitten with diamonds, check out a high end local jewelry, knowing that diamonds are never commonplace but extraordinary. Diamond jewelry is certain to become a family heirloom because of its scrupulous execution of design and detailed cutting of each stone, exposing the brilliance from within.

Top rated diamonds capture the inner light of the stone, the eruption of brilliance and penetrating sparkle that makes it one-of-a-kind.

If old world Italian artistry fused with fancy, passion and tradition is what you are looking for when bauble shopping, look for inimitably crafted pieces exceptional enough to make a declaration yet personal enough to wear daily. Artisans’ work is loved by many women, particularly those who adore the infusion of Italian colors in the pieces.

Finding distinctive pieces isn’t as hard as you thought it would be. You just have to know where to look.