Where to wear costume jewelry

Wear costume jewelry to let your style shine!

Wear costume jewelry to let your style shine!

Sparkle and shine makes people smile and is one of the reasons for the popularity of jewelry. It can lift a mood, make an outfit complete and bring back a favorite memory about the person that gave the jewelry to you or when the piece was given. There are many shapes, styles and colors of jewelry, whether it is made of precious metals and stones or a costume alternative.

Costume jewelry is fantastic because everyone can add glamour without breaking the bank. To get the most from your accessories, it?s important to know where and how to wear costume jewelry.

Make it Personal

This is your opportunity to share your personality with the world ? without having to say a word. Choose pieces that speak to you and make you feel great.

Maybe you?re in love with necklaces and can?t get enough of them. Why not layer a few of your favorites for a unique look? Mix and match styles and colors to your heart?s desire. Remember to wear a more neutral outfit so the necklaces can be the star of the show.

For those of you who like the jingle of bracelets, do the same thing. You can even layer watches with jangly wristwear.

Keep it in Focus

That fantastic statement necklace you have is just begging to be worn. But you want to add a similar bracelet and chandelier earrings to the outfit, too. Be careful here and practice moderation. If you wear all of those pieces at the same time, you?ll actually take away attention from the necklace. Reduce accessory competition and focus on a single larger piece or two smaller pieces.


This applies to clothing choices, too. For instance, you should wear that turquoise necklace with a simpler top that highlights the jewelry. If you wore it with a paisley pattern or lots of ruffles, the look would be confusing and the statement piece would be muted.

Pair it with the Right Outfit

Bold jewelry choices demand center stage. Statement earrings and necklaces go best with understated clothing choices. Strapless, wide scoop-necked, off-the-shoulder, or V-necked tops or dresses enhance larger necklaces. Those same outfits also do justice to statement earrings, too ? as long as your hair is pulled away from your ears. Enhance strong patterns in clothing by wearing jewelry that picks up on a color. A Chanel chain patterned blouse is subtly reinforced with a pair of gold or gold and pearl earrings. Little else is needed, as the design says it all.

Remember Your Hands

Great rings mean people will be looking at your hands. This is the time to make sure your nails look great. A basic manicure that you do yourself or have a nail tech do solves this issue. As with clothing choices, nail design needs to properly balance with your jewelry. A manicure that includes a multitude of colors and glitter will only compete with your ring choices. Keep colors simpler and show those rings off to their best advantage. 

Close to your hands are the wrists, which means bracelets, watches and cuffs. Some women, such as style icon Iris Apfel, load their arms up with as many pieces of jewelry as possible. She is known for her ?more is more and less is a bore? attitude when it comes to jewelry and design. 

Now that you have the groundwork for the basics, it?s time to adorn yourself. Need more inspiration? Hit the vintage shops, look through magazines and peruse latest online trend reports. Above all, have fun with your style and remember what Coco Chanel had to say, ?Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.?