Find out which swimsuit style is sexiest to accent your poolside curves

Find out which swimsuit style is sexiest to accent your poolside curves

What is and isn?t sexy is subjective, but we can all agree that confidence is a big part of the equation. Bathing suits that support, shape and accentuate range in style from girly and sporty to vintage-inspired. But which one tops them all in the sexy department?

It depends on your body type. How easy life would be  if there were one and only one perfect style. Then again, who wants to have the exact same suit as everyone else? 

You want to stand out, right? Well to find the swimsuit styles that are the sexiest for you, you need to find the perfect one for your body type. A tall slender gal is going to wear a bandeau bikini completely different than a curvy cutie will.

The hottest styles for each body type

Bodies don?t come in cookie cutter shapes. However, eliminating fits that fail to flatter your shape will significantly help to narrow the seemingly endless field of swimwear options. It also provides a handy buffer from the see-it-on-a-model-and-buy-it (only to be disappointed) syndrome.

Just because a certain cut looks good on someone else, doesn?t mean you?ll be happy in it. However, defining what you?re looking for will make it easier to find flattering designer swimwear styles.


Large busts

Chesty women need more support. Molded cups and underwire were made for you, and will provide more comfort whether you?re swimming in the pool or floating in the ocean. Tops with ruching, embellishments or ruffles will only draw attention to your chest.

Look for tops with wide, adjustable straps ? the wider the strap, the more support you?ll have ? as well as underwire or molded cups. Tops with high backs also offer more support than those with lower cuts. To start, try on tops that fit like your favorite bras. If you?re looking for a one-piece and your usual size feels a bit snug, go up a size.

Small busts

Women who wear an A or B cup require less support. Minimal-coverage tops with embellishments like bows and ruffles look great on you. If you want to appear a touch larger in the chest area, try a bold pattern to create the illusion of curves.

Triangle and scoop bikini tops, as well as bandeaus were made for your body type. Halters, padded push-ups and bra-style tops offer an extra boost and a hint of cleavage. You have a lot to choose from! Active gals may prefer bandeaus or halters as they stay in place more reliably than triangles.


Which swimsuit style is sexiest for women with full hips, thighs, butt and bust? Curvy women tend to look for balance ? swimwear that highlights their curves without exaggerating them. They also require support and some coverage.

Consider asymmetrical styles designed to highlight your collarbone or a vintage-inspired one-piece. Try cute, boxy halter tops with ruched sides and full-coverage bottoms with high waists to elongate your legs.


Ladies who are curvier in their hips and thighs, and smaller on top generally look best in suits designed for pear-shaped bodies. These provide coverage on the bottom and balance to your proportions. Avoid boy shorts ? these accentuate hips and appear off-balance when worn with small tops. 

Dark bottoms and halter-style tops draw attention to your more slender upper body, while plunging necklines and tops with vibrant patterns draw eyes away from the hips. Bottoms with miniskirts that fall slightly below the wider hip area add a flattering, girlish touch.

Remember the standard tricks ? bold patterns draw the eye wear you want it, dark colors minimize attention and tankinis with high-waited bottoms conceal the middle.  

Knowing which swimsuit style is sexiest means this is your year to flaunt your frame while still giving your body the support and coverage you want. These tips will help your narrow the pile of potentials. Ultimately, the sexiest choice is going to be the one that makes you feel fabulous.