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White Wedding Decor Ideas

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

THE classic white wedding… Oh, wait. What is the classic white wedding? Is there one perfect theme? One kind of decor? One white wedding standard for every bride? Thank goodness, the answer is no. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of white wedding decor ideas and themes. But time and space won’t let me tell you about all of them.

Let me get you started with ten of my favorites. All based on lovely, clean white, but oh so very different. Maybe your ideal white wedding begins here on this page!

10. Let it snow!

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winter wedding

When someone talks about a white wedding theme, snow seems to automatically be a part of it. And why not? A snow covered lawn, fresh fat flakes dancing down to the ground, snow topped mountains…it’s all so beautiful. And it’s perfect as a wedding theme.

If you can, select a location with large windows and glass doors (preferably French doors) so your guests can see all that winter magic. It makes a great backdrop for your ceremony, too. Just position your altar in front of a picture window, and instantly, you’re a part of the winter beauty outside. (Of course, you could be daring and hold the wedding outside on the snow…a bit chilly but oh the wedding photos would be amazing!)

9. On the beach

wedding ring in sand

If snow-capped majesty isn’t your style, why not leap to the other end of the weather spectrum with a white wedding beach side? Truth is, this is another natural setting for the white wedding lover. Mirror the white sand with white chairs, a white wedding canopy and white draped tables for the reception. White-on-white dishes and table top decor (think starfish and seashells) complete this white wedding fantasy.

8. Ice castles

ice hotel

If you really want to go with the icy theme of this white wedding, head for one of the ice hotels in Sweden, Iceland or Canada. You can celebrate your nuptuals in a room made entirely of pristine ice. Provide guests with pure white cushions and warm white wraps to make the event comfortable for all.

On the tables? White creamy soup to warm everyone up from the inside, followed by local white fish, white asparagus and creamy white potatoes. And of course, a white wedding cake, with icy blue accents. This is one white wedding no one will forget!

7. Creamy vanilla

If stark white seems just a bit too harsh for your tastes, dial it down a bit by using a creamy vanilla color instead. Adorn the tables with creamy linens, then add centerpieces of ivory colored roses in classic cream vases. Cover chair backs in creamy damask or luxurious brocades.

Select French white tablesettings with just a thin line of gold. Wrap ivory napkins with sprigs of tiny cream-colored flowers and matching ribbon. Carry the vanilla and cream theme through to the meal, by including rich dairy ingredients. Then finish with a cream-on-cream wedding cake. Champagne is the perfect beverage for this soft white wedding theme, so make sure to have plenty chilled.

6. Sugar, sugar

Almost every wedding reception will include cake or other sweets. But that doesn’t mean yours has to serve up slices of predictably bland “official” wedding cake. Make your white wedding all about the confections by setting up dessert bars all around the room. Offer creamy cheese cake, spicy-sweet Mexican wedding cookies, gallons of pure vanilla ice cream (with all the toppings for make-your-own-sundaes) and melt-in-their-mouth shortbread cookies. Fill large bowls and trifle dishes with white-coated Jordan almonds, white M & M’s, white taffy, creamy white fudge and other white treats.

As the party is winding down, provide guests with shiny white Chinese food boxes to fill with sweets to take home.

5. Once upon a star

Your wedding day is so special, it’s only natural that you would expect the very stars to fall overhead. If the real ones in the sky won’t cooperate, make your own star-filled magic.

Line the ceiling with pure white fairy lights, then drape black material in which hundreds of tiny holes have been made. It will look as though you have a skyful of white stars right there over your wedding.

Or schedule your wedding outdoors during the full moon. Use all white tablecloths, streamers and aisle runners. When the moonlight shines down, it will make everything glow a brilliant white.

You can also use an old seaside trick…spread crush seashells as a pathway for the ceremony. When the moonlight hits it, it will shine as though lit from within.

4. On the big screen

white wedding

The movie makers of old knew how to create drama on a set. Why not take a page from their book, and use fabric to create a truly movie set worthy look for your wedding and reception? Just drape yards and yards of pure white satin or silk material along walls, across the ceiling and along the aisle. Drape seating in generous layers of white material, too. Then illuminate the scene with pure white uplights, tiny white fairy lights hidden amid the folds and at least one sparkling chandelier.

Add one or two blue lights to the setting to soften the effect and add intensity to the shadows within the draped fabric. It makes it all look more expensive and luxurious (an old Hollywood lighting trick!)

3. Tropical fantasy

tropical beach wedding

Make your white wedding a feast for the senses when you fill the room with tropical white flowers, rich with heady scents from the islands. Lightly drape open windows and doors with white silk or gauze curtains, then allow them to blow in the breeze. A white ceiling fan above keeps the tropical air moving.

Provide all guests with a white flower lei, cooling white paper fans, and offer ice cold bottles of water wrapped in snowy white linen napkins (no drips on wedding attire!) Light white tealights in coconut halves for a delicious aroma — just make sure to keep them well away from the curtains. Sprinkle a white carpet with petals from fresh gardenias right before the bride walks down the aisle. The scent will be heavenly.

2. Vintage finery

crystal wedding bouquet

A white wedding doesn’t have to mean new. Vintage whites are perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind wedding theme. Have an artsy friend fashion a bouquet or hair ornament from old paste or rhinestone jewelry. Leave the wedding stores behind and search the vintage shops for the perfect gown.

At the wedding, line the centers of tables with vintage mirrors as serving platters. For a unique touch, copy old wedding photos and hang them from white ribbons onto tiny white or cream colored trees (spray paint interesting branches white or cream to make them) on the reception tables. If you have family wedding photos, make sure to include those on family tables.

1. Perfect elegance

And finally, the classic white wedding. Fine white linens, pure as the snow in the first suggestion. Dramatic white flowers in gravity-defying arrangements. White china. White chairs. And of course, perfectly placed up-lights illuminating every detail. This is more than just some white wedding decor idea. This is white wedding perfection.

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Whether plain or fancy, small or huge, a white wedding will always be something extra special. Enjoy yours!


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