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Who needs a gift registry?

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Who needs a guest registry? Anyone getting married or having a baby, that's who

Who needs a guest registry? Anyone getting married or having a baby, that’s who

Who needs a gift registry? Anyone who is having a big event in the future, which entails receiving gifts from your guests, should sign up for a gift registry. What is a “big event?” A wedding or new baby, but also a milestone birthday, a graduation, an anniversary or new home.

An upcoming bridal shower; your wedding, or a baby shower are the most popular and traditional reasons to sign up with a gift registry. You are going to have a great time picking out items for your wedding registry or baby shower wish list.

A gift registry ensures that you get what you want and need, and it prevents duplications. No one needs four mixers. On the flip side, every bride would love to end up with a complete set of the casual dinnerware pattern she loves — for twelve. It takes the guesswork out of the equation for your guests who may not know what colors you are partial to or what your interests are. If you are a great cook you may want a bunch of brand spanking new kitchen appliances. 

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Register early although it is not imperative that you complete your wish-list the first time. When you have given it more thought go back online or visit the store where you registered and add more items to your list.

Before you sign up with a particular registry, find out what the store?s return and exchange policy is.

If you are planning a wedding registry, the bride can register alone or she and her groom can do it in tandem. Make a list of your wants and needs, his and hers, and decide what color palette you will be sticking with in your new home or in the nursery. Also determine, if possible–remember, marriage is a collaborative effort–on your mutual style. If he likes contemporary and you are completely shabby chic somehow find a common ground and request gifts that will please both of you.


Don?t pick out THE most expensive items for your gift registry. Oh, sure, you can ask for that fabulous, one-of-a kind table ware at $350 per setting but your casual friends aren?t going to want to spend that much and many people can?t afford to spend that much. Cover all the price ranges so there is something on the list that everyone can afford. 

If you aren?t going to be entertaining in high style in the foreseeable future than don?t ask for items, such as a silver tea set that you are never going to use or won?t be using until you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. Ask for gifts that are useful. A vacuum cleaner may not be as elegant as brass candelabras, but you?ll certainly be glad you have it.

Take advantage of online registries, which makes it easy for your family and friends to view and order from. This saves them a trip to the store. In fact, they may live in an area where the store you hooked up with isn?t located. Registering your gift list online will be appreciated by your guests. 

The gift registry should be regularly updated by the store so other buyers can see what has already been purchased for you, and so you can see what you?re getting.

A good rule of thumb is to include twice as many gift requests on the registry as there are going to be guests at your wedding or other big event. If you expect 100 people to attend, list 200 gifts. 

When you receive a gift from your registry, promptly thank the giver by sending a hand-written than you note. Do not send an email, which is better than nothing but not good etiquette. If you don?t send thank you notes upon receipt of the present, which should occur within two weeks of receiving the gift, please remember to do so within a month of your wedding day.

Be specific in your thank-you letter and mention the precise gift that was given to you. Don?t be generic and say, ?Gee, thanks, for the gift.?


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