winter fashion trends

This year’s winter fashion trends are all about moving past the dull and dreary monochrome of earlier winter seasons.

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the hottest new concepts in winter fashion.

10. Bright Colors

tianello bright colors

While past winter fashion trends have been centered around darker colors and earth tones, this year it’s all about bright colors. Bright fabrics, bright leathers, and bright, shining accessories are all the rage this year.

9. Animal Prints

animal print at Fabulous Furs

Animal prints are making a comeback this winter, with leopard prints and tiger stripe patterns being especially popular. These patterns make for a fun and fashionable casual outfits, animal print pajamas, and wildlife-inspired fashion accessories.

8. Tweed

Tweed is a wonderful fabric; it’s classy, subdued, comfortable, and goes great with the most solid colors. Tweed clothing has been making a splash at some of the big winter fashion shows this year and might just be the perfect thing to complete your winter wardrobe.

7. Bold Headwear

mt. caesar alpaca hats

Big fashion houses like Fendi and Gucci have been introducing some new and interesting headwear and the rest of the fashion world is following suit. Open-faced baklavas, soft fur hats, and brightly colored headscarves are great fashion accessories that will keep your noggin warm all winter long!

6. Layering

Layering is always popular in the wintertime for obvious reasons, but recently designers have been creating coordinated pieces meant to be layered together. These created a well-curated and bold look that is also functional for those cold days when removing and adding layers is something of a necessity.

5. Flowers

In addition to bright colors, floral prints and flower embellished designs are making their way onto the winter fashion scene this year with prints of winter plants being especially popular.

4. Big Shoulders

Women’s fashion has changed a lot since the eighties, but shoulder pads are coming back in a big way this year. Broad square shoulders on brightly colored jackets make a bold statement and many of this year’s business casual offerings for women feature broad and squared shoulders, cut generously or with added shoulder pads.

3. Faux Fur

Fur has fallen out of fashion since the late nineties mostly because it was seen as a waste of animal life. However, because new technology has made it easier to produce cruelty-free faux fur outerwear and accessories with a realistic look and texture, fur is back in a big way.

2. Sheepskin

Sheepskin leather is popular this season with many fast fashion companies making sheepskin more affordable than ever. Sheepskin garments are soft, easy to wear, and impervious to even the sharpest of winter winds.

1. Retrowear

It seems like every fashion season there is a retro clothing trend. This winter looks like sixties fashions are the trend du jour. Flared pants and bright patterned shirts are back in style to make your winter fun and funky!

In this guide to the top winter fashion trends this year, we have covered some of the most intriguing new styles that will likely make their way to a clothing store near you. It seems that this season is all about being bright, cheery, fun and comfortable.

by Info Guru Lauren DeJesus-Glasgow