Winter wedding dress ideas

What better season to get married than in a winter wedding dress

What better season to get married than in a winter wedding dress

Congratulations!  You’re getting married!  And best of all, you’re getting married in the wintertime.  The season of frosty, snowy days and crystal clear nights is the perfect time for a wedding.  There are so many wonderful winter wedding themes, and beautiful winter wedding dress ideas that are just perfect for this magical time of year.  So how can you decide?  Here are some tips.

Close your eyes and imagine

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect winter scene.  It could be a snowy mountain top in Colorado, a  silent Vermont forest with snowflakes drifting down between the trees or a frosty night in the desert with a thousand stars glittering in a crystal clear sky.  Whatever it is, see it clearly in your mind.  Notice the shapes, the colors, and the images around you.  Do you have it? 

Now you have your wedding theme!  Use those colors to recreate the feel of that idyllic setting.  Use the images and shapes to design your wedding d?cor and select reception and wedding decorations.

The perfect dress

Now that you have the theme and the colors, it’s time to pick your dress.  Browse the wedding catalogs and magazines for winter wedding dress ideas that complement your wedding theme.  If you envisioned a Russian winter, look for gowns with fur trim and maybe even a matching fur hat in place of the veil.  If your theme involves nighttime and the stars, look for a gown with beading or shiny materials to reflect the light.  A western winter theme might lead you towards a gown with an old fashioned cut and soft creamy cotton and lace.

Some things to consider as you shop

When you’re shopping for any winter wedding gown, the experts suggest you keep a few things in mind.

The temperature

While it may be tempting to select a sexy off the shoulder gown when you’re shopping in June, consider how you’ll feel in that dress when the temperature dips.  Remember, you will probably have to go from home to ceremony site, and from there to the reception.  Goosebumps are not an attractive addition to any bride’s wedding attire, and it would be a shame to cover up your lovely dress with a coat, so make sure the dress you select will keep you cozy in drafty church naves and during travel from location to location. 

One way to deal with the weather is to add an elegant cape to your wedding attire.  A silk or wool cape trimmed in fur will ward off the cold, and keep you looking beautiful as you travel or wait.

Snow, sleet and ice

The ground in winter is often covered in snow, ice or even freezing rain, and that can quickly soak or even soil the bottom of your gown.   When you’re selecting your dress, look for a design with a detachable train so it can be carried from place to place.  Also consider the shape of your dress?a sleek and simple line in the skirt will be easier to lift out of harm’s way than a Southern belle hoop skirt. 

The location for your wedding and reception

Make sure the dress you select coordinates with the style of your reception site.  A very formal gown might look out of place in a casual setting, while a simple design might seem too understated in a grand ballroom.

Finally, make sure the dress meets the standards set by the ceremony location.  Some churches, synagogues and mosques will not allow short sleeves, off the shoulder or low cut wedding gowns, so be sure to compare your winter wedding dress ideas with those rules before you buy.