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Must-have Women’s Winter Fashion Trends

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Fashion week milanContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

Are you as excited as I am about winter this year? It’s been a long, hot summer for much of the country, so those chilly temps and snowflakes are sounding better and better. There’s only one problem. My wardrobe.

I clearly need some new looks in my closet, so I started checking out the hottest women’s winter fashion trends. Here are ten looks and popular styles that will be guiding my next shopping trip!

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10. A great dress coat

fur coat

Yes, parkas are warm and functional, but this season the formal dress coat is coming back big time. Opt for a classic cut for an elegant nod to the past in cashmere or fur with luxurious trim details, or select an asymmetrical cutting-edge look. Either way, the lines should be chic and feminine.

9. Scarves and shawls

SEASONS KASHMIR winter shawl

Some years scarves and shawls are just there. And some years, they’re the star of every show. This is one of the starring role years. Runways around the world featured winter looks with scarves in everything from chunky fiber art to sheer as air frothiness. And the same goes for shawls. The textures and colors were all over the place, but their presence was impossible to ignore.

8. Boots

stiletto boots

Oh, the boot. Almost every year, we have winter boots of the moment. And 2014 is no exception. According to the fashionistas, the look this year is…well, two looks. Boots in decidedly big and manly profiles were showing up on runways everywhere. But so were seriously girly stiletto boots with little teases of cutouts along the ankle. Ah, well. A bi-booted year means something for everyone and every outfit. And more excuses to buy boots!

7. Oversized flannel shirts

woman flannel shirt

Grunge, that cozy, messy, comfy trend from the 90’s is back this winter. Sort of. The oversized flannels are there, but instead of standard lengths, it seems to have morphed into the world of tunic. These are longer than in years past, but also with a more curve hugging cut. Girl grunge? Maybe.

6. Classic sweaters


There were chevrons and reindeer and snowflakes on the runways. At least on the sweaters. Think of the preppy movement of the 1980’s, but make them of softer, flowier yarns. It’s classic. And it’s all new. As far as material, look for more alpaca than cashmere.

5. Colorful gloves

orange winter gloves

Sure, winter gloves are there to keep your hands toasty. But this year they’re also a choice spot for that flash of color with a classic coat. We’re talking serious color, too. Lurid oranges, in-your-face yellows and traffic-stopping reds. (As a plus, they’re harder to lose in the snow or on a city street!)

4. Long skirts

woman in skirt and jacket

Throw-backs are big this year, and the skirt is no exception. Our legs will be warmer than in years past, as skirt lengths have plunged. Or maybe not. A lot of what was shown on the runway was more look than substance, with lots of see-though and sheer ankle-length skirts over tights. A bit chilly, but oh so pretty! If sheer isn’t your style, rest easy. More solid materials made a good showing, too.

3. Hipster hats

ladies porkpie hat

The porkpie hat, that emblem of hipster-ness was everywhere on the ladies’ side of fashion. There were classic materials like flannel and tweed, but a fair number dared to challenge tradition by creating haberdashery in sparkling lame, sheer fabric over a visible frame and elegant silks. Of course, the burning question is what will hipsters don now that their hat has gone couture?

2. Winter sunglasses

woman with sunglasses

An abundance of sunglasses was a surprise at the shows. Usually reserved for the spring and summer catwalks, these sunny weather accessories were a favorite. Most featured classic cat-eye shapes, although the geek-chic heavy frame look was popular, too.

1. Handwoven

runway models in handwoven clothing

Another surprise for this winter’s look was the absolute abundance of coarse, handwoven looks in fabrics. Variations on it ranged from raw silk to dang near burlap. It remains to be seen if this runway trend will translate into ready-to-wear styles. I confess I haven’t seen much of it on the racks so far.

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The winter of 2014-15 is set to be a mixed bag when it comes to style. But the good news is that this seasons’ women’s winter fashion trends seem to offer something for every taste and pocketbook. Now, go forth and shop! Winter is upon us!


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