Work to Evening Fashions

work to evening fashions

When you know that happy hour is calling your name after the work day ends, you need to plan for a quick costume change: from work to evening fashion!

Here are some super simple ways to transform your look from serious and office-savvy to happy party girl. Grab a big purse, and pack a few accessories to change up your look and you will be ready for fun after work.

10. Jewelry

sparkly earrings

Earrings with a bit of sparkle are fun for after-work parties, and if they are classic, they work at the office, too. Don’t go too big, too dangly, or too much bling, and your ear candy will take you from your desk to the bar without a problem.

9. Pumps with Attitude

nude pumps at Shoeline

Instead of carrying an extra pair of shoes to change into when you leave your desk, opt for a pair of trendy, chunky-heeled pumps in a neutral color. These work great at the office and are fun enough for dancing a little bit, too.

8. Leather Skirt

leather skirt at LeatherCoatsEtc

Pair a leather skirt in a fun color with a white blouse for a chic work look. On your way out at 5, unbutton a button or two, add a statement necklace and some bright lipstick, and you are ready to party. Nothing is sexier than a leather skirt with a blouse and heels.

7. Little Black Dress

black dresses at BEBE

A little black dress will work for the office if you keep your makeup subtle during the daytime and opt for a dress that has a menswear cut or details. A quick five minutes to go dramatic with eyes and lips before you leave your desk for day, and you’ve got a killer look for the evening.

6. Soft Jacket

jacket at Ulla Popken

A work day jacket doesn’t have to be all buttoned up to look professional. If you are headed out after meetings in the office, opt for a soft, drapey look and a professional but funky multi-colored pattern. You will look super fashionable at the office, and fun at happy hour too. A jacket is a great option for a work to evening fashion accessory, as restaurants, theaters, and clubs can be a bit chilly.

5. Masterful Makeup

makeup at Sally Beauty Supply

Go right over your office face with a few smart makeup moves and you’re ready to party. Red up that lipstick. Thicken up that eyeliner with a sexy kohl stick. Add some bronzer, powder your nose. You’re off!

4. Hair Updo

loose updo

Work hair should be tidy and stay out of your face. Loosen it up into a fun twist for the evening out, which will take a small amount of wizardry and a couple hairpins, along with a spritz of hairspray. You don’t need a blow dryer or curling iron to transform your day look to an evening look.

3. Sexy Fragrance

fragrance at Beauty Boutique

Stash your favorite fragrance in your bag. A little goes a long way in the office; for an evening out, a couple spritzes up the ante.

2. Ruffles

ruffles at Ashro

With simple tailored slacks and flats, a ruffled blouse isn’t too much for the office… it’s just right. What a great look for an evening out when you switch to strappy flats and pull your hair up. Romance in an instant!

1. Pencil Skirt and Cardigan

cardigan at Patchington

You’ve got the pencil skirt covered (stay neutral) and we love a cardigan on top instead of a jacket. You can wear one that is totally “now” in a cool burn-out pattern with a relaxed fit, and easily go from work to evening wear.

by Info Guru Samantha Rose

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