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Workout Clothing Tips for Plus Size Women

By Editorial Staff

by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Working out means movement and regardless of your size, your clothes are going to move, too.

Since most of the population is larger than the size 0 models featured in yoga or workout gear catalogs, what’s a girl to do? It’s simple – find clothes that fit and can move with you, while preserving your modesty and dignity. Many manufacturers and designers are now tapping into this under-served market with designs that are as easy to wear as they are to look at. Here are some tips to finding the best workout clothes for plus size women.

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10. Functionality


Layers are the way to go when the temperature starts to fall. To add warmth without adding unnecessary bulk, look for pullovers or jackets made of soft wicking fabric. Often made of stretchy microfibers, the clothing allows you to move, stay warm and look great. They can also serve double duty by being a great addition to a casual wear look.

9. Go long

Go long

Some women prefer to workout in loose, flowy pants that allow freedom of movement without highlighting the curves underneath. Others like the form fitting capris and leggings because there is no extra fabric to get in the way. It’s a personal choice with no wrong answer. Either way you like it, choose the pants that fit your body well. When you bend over, they should stay put and not ride down. Likewise, if you’re doing some high cardio moves, they should be tight enough to stay up, without lots of adjustment.

8. Shorts rule

Shorts rule

Nothing beats a great pair of workout shorts – as long as the inseam is long enough to ward off chafing and protect your modesty. Loose shorts with a minimal inseam will give the world a view you might not want them to have. So look for shorts that are longer and more fitted. Think along the lines of the bike shorts popular during the 80’s and 90’s. If you really prefer the look of the looser shorts, pair them with your form-fitting pants, capris or knee-length shorts.

7. Bra work

Bra work

Having the girls bounce or slide around when you’re trying to concentrate on your heart rate is annoying and usually painful. There are many types of sport bras out there, from basic compression to ones that lock and load the girls in place. Choose a bra that fits you, your cup size and the type of workout you’re doing. For instance, if you’re a well-endowed runner, you’ll probably want an encapsulating bra that eliminates all bounce, while still letting you breathe easily.

6. Suit up

Suit up

Swimming is great exercise. It’s a cardio and resistance workout all in one. The swim suit has to be tight enough to stay on during your workout and loose enough for comfort. Look for swimwear designs with wider straps that will stay in place. Other options include higher necks and lower cut leg openings. Swim dresses are fine, as long as the skirt stays out of your way during exercise. If putting on a swimsuit makes you nervous, consider this alternative. Go for a great pair of board shorts paired with a cute workout bra and a top that blocks ultraviolet rays. From boardwalk to beach, you’ll be in style and ready to go!

5. Shirts required

Shirts required

Gone are the days of wearing huge, all cotton, worn-out t-shirts during a workout. Today, shirts wick moisture away from your skin, block ultraviolet rays and are available in curvy-girl cuts. Use short sleeves or go sleeveless for summer. In the winter, layer a short sleeve shirt over a long one to give you the warmth you need. If it’s still cold, add a performance jacket. Another bonus of wearing one of these newer technology shirts is they don’t chafe the skin the way wet cotton can – keeping you perfectly comfortable all the time.

4. Fabrics


There are plenty of new fabrics on the exercise scene now, some organic and some man-made. Bamboo is for more than great flooring or feeding to pandas. The pulp makes a fantastic natural fabric that’s lightweight and a natural ultraviolet shield. Polypropylene is made from plastic and it’s totally water resistant. So, if you run in the humidity, the outside of the shirt might get soaked. But next to your skin, it’s completely dry.

3. Right clothes for the job

Right clothes for the job

You probably wouldn’t wear your swim gear to a spin class. And for good reason. The suit that’s perfect for the water would probably be very uncomfortable during a spin class. This is why it helps to have clothed dedicated to one activity. Use those great pants that are a little loose through the leg for yoga. Run in capris and a moisture wicking tank. Lift weights in shorts and a great tank top. Whatever you do, be comfortable and look great doing it.

2. Take pride

Take pride

Plus size women know all about how it feels to walk into a gym where it seems like everyone is staring at you, judging you and wondering why you’re even there. Bust through that feeling by looking your best. Great looking (and feeling!) workout clothes will boost your confidence. When you hit the workout center and you feel as great as you look, people notice – in a positive way. You might even see that people aren’t judging you and might just be silently applauding and rooting for you.

1. Feel great

Feel great

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Many women have commented about how bad they feel about working out in clothes that are worn out, too big, too small or are just plain ugly. Then, when they do the same workout in clothes that fit and look good, they feel good and the workout is a better one. So don’t limit yourself to the piles of black, grey and charcoal colored options you find readily available. Like animal prints or bright colors? Then go for it! Chances are great that you’ll get more from your workouts, simply from feeling better about how you look.


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