Reduce world energy consumption: energy saving tips for home, office and vehicle

Reduce world energy consumption: energy saving tips for home, office and vehicle

In May of 2009, the Energy Information Administration announced an alarming projection for world energy consumption.  This government report, referred to as the “International Energy Outlook 2009” (IEO2009), indicates that world energy consumption will grow by 44% between 2006 and 2030. 

As the world demand for energy rises, it will be increasingly vital to implement energy conservation regulations, in addition to exploring sources for alternative energy

As we research and explore alternative energy sources, we can also apply our common sense today with home improvements to make homes, businesses and vehicles more energy efficient step, in an effort to conserve our non-renewable fuels.  If we all do our part to implement energy saving strategies, these steps can help to reduce world energy consumption.

Do your part to reduce world energy consumption!  Here are some simple, energy saving strategies to implement in your home, at your office, and for your vehicle. 

Energy Saving Strategies for the Home:

  • Insulate your walls and ceilings.  This can save 20%-30% on home heating bills.  If you live in a colder climate, consider super insulating

  • Plant shade trees, particularly if you live in a warmer climate.  Shade trees help to naturally cool a home, reducing your energy usage and expenditure on air conditioning and cooling.

  • Paint your house a light color if you live in a warm climate and a dark color if you live in a cooler climate.  Darker colors will retain solar heat, while lighter colors will deflect it.

  • Weatherize your home.  Use caulk and weather stripping to plug air leaks around doors and windows. Also install solar air heaters.

  • Install solar water pumps

Energy Saving Strategies for the Office:

  • Turn off all computers, printers, faxes, copy machines at night. In a large office building, this can add up to a savings of thousand of dollars per year on utility bills.

  • Invest in flat panel computer monitors, which use one third the amount of energy of conventional computer monitors (cathode ray tubes).

  • Save paper!  Print only what you must, and use e-mail to share other documents.

  • Adjust window blinds to block direct sunlight during the summer months.  In the winter months, open blinds on south facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your office space.  Close the blinds at night to reduce heat loss.   

Energy Saving Strategies for Your Vehicle:

  • Carpool whenever possible, or take public transportation such as trains or busses.

  • Purchase a fuel efficient, hybrid or alternative vehicle.

  • Keep tires properly inflated and aligned to improve gasoline mileage by roughly 3.3%

  • Get regular tune-ups and maintenance to avoid fuel economy problems due to worn spark plugs, dragging breaks, low transmission fluid or transmission problems.