Celebrate the summer season: invest in durable, elegant wrought iron furniture

Celebrate the summer season: invest in durable, elegant wrought iron furniture

The arrival of summer time brings a festive schedule of garden parties, patio dinners, barbecues, pool-side relaxation, and other outdoor social activities. In preparation for warm weather and summertime socializing, many home owners bring out their patio furniture, or take the plunge to invest in furniture, lawn, garden or landscaping accessories.   

Patio furniture materials range from summery rattan all-weather sets to rich teak to wrought iron, and furniture styles are innumerable. However, most home owners seeking strong, sturdy and weather resistant decor will opt for wrought iron furniture. It’s a fact that wrought iron patio furniture, although a significant financial investment, can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Traditionally, the term “wrought iron” was used to describe metal products that were created by heating and hammering iron into shape. Historically, skilled craftsmen created wrought iron products by hand.

While some very expensive and high-end styles of wrought iron furniture are still made by hand, the majority of the metal patio furniture available today is labeled or advertised as “wrought iron style” because it is actually molded into form in massive iron molds in factories, rather that hammered by hand. 

Regardless, even patio heavy metal furniture that’s factory made is still the most durable, elegant and classical type of outdoor decor that can add comfort and style to any patio, deck, garden or landscaping.

Patio sets and chairs can be jazzed up with bright, colorful cushions and pads boasting designs or patterns.  Cushions and mats will also add to the comfort of your furnishings.  Umbrellas, hammocks, pergolas, planters, outdoor lighting systems and fire pits rate as some of the most popular secondary home decor items purchased by families who love expanding their living space into their backyard.

Once you have purchased a gorgeous set of furnishings and decor, familiarizing yourself with care and maintenance tips is a must. Although this style of outdoor furniture is virtually indestructible, there is a risk of rust.  

One simple step you can take to save yourself time and energy on backyard furniture care is to invest in good quality outdoor furniture covers. When not in use, it is wise to cover your furniture.  At the end of the season, when you bring your furniture indoors to store it, keeping it covered can also help to prevent chips, nicks, rust or other damage.  

Worried about rust or corrosion?  Here are some additional simple tips for iron furniture care:

1)   Wash your outdoor furniture seasonally to keep it looking fresh and clean.

2)   When you first purchase your furniture, be sure to obtain a bottle of touch up paint that matches the color of your pieces. 

3)   Avoid corrosion issues by maintaining the painted finish patio furniture. If you see a small nick in the paint, touch it up immediately.

4)   If you notice that your outdoor set has begun to rust or corrode, begin by scrubbing the rusted area lightly with a wire brush. You may need to scrub the rusted area with steel-wool in order to make it smooth enough for repainting. 

5)   Repaint using your touch up paint or a can of matching, exterior grade spray paint.

6)   Once the rust has been removed, and the paint touched up, apply a protective wax, such as automotive wax to the wrought iron to help protect and preserve it.

7)   Many furniture retailers recommend applying automotive wax once or twice a year to metal furniture that’s exposed to the elements, in order to help protect and preserve it.

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