yarn craftsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Yarn is far more versatile than many crafters realize.

It’s soft, must-touch texture and endless variety of colors can inspire easy, hand-made projects to decorate or wrap up as a gift for any occasion.

Make these yarn crafts without knitting a single stitch and you’ll brighten any room in the house.

10. A Wreath for All Seasons

A Wreath for All Seasons

Who says wreaths are for holidays only? Get out your art supplies, a styrofoam wreath and colorful yarn in your favorite shades. Wrap the base in yarn and use paint or pipe cleaners to mark it with the house number, family name or a simple “Welcome”. The materials won’t hold up to weather forever, but the wreath will freshen up any front door for a month or two.

9. Wrapped Bracelets

 Wrapped Bracelets

It’s high time to put that drawer full of boring bangles to use. Choose a fine, fuzzy fiber and wrap it around the bracelet so each loop fits tight and straight against the last. Create a stripe pattern by alternating colors or use a multi-toned thread.



Readers can never have enough pretty crafts to mark their place. Make this simple craft by following DesignMom’s tutorial. Scissors and yarn is all you need! This makes a great add-on gift to a great book, but be sure to make one for yourself, too.

7. Ooh-la-Vase


Flowers are too pretty for the plain glass jars we so often stick them in. Give the jars a new look without losing their functionality. First, wrap a length of yarn around a medium-sized balloon in different directions so it’s taut. Spray it with clear glue and, when dry, pop the balloon with a pin. The material will hold its shape. Delicately cut openings at the top and bottom so the glass jar can sit flat inside its nest-like cover.

6. “Bead” Curtains

“Bead” Curtains

While pretty to look at, real bead curtains get noisy, especially if they hang low enough for the cat to reach. Use this Instructables tutorial to create a variety of pom poms in different sizes and colors. Then string them up and tie them to a top piece of fabric wrapped around a wire for support. And voila, silent pretty bead-like curtains.

5. Fabric Cards

Fabric Cards

In these days of quick emails and abbreviated text messages, the handmade card still reigns supreme. Lightly pencil the card image and message on a fun piece of fabric. Use a thick skein to trace over the pencil with careful stitches to make one-of-a-kind yarn crafts without knitting. Glue the edges to pipe cleaner so it resembles a stiff paper card.

4. Faux Flowers

Faux Flowers

These fluffy flowers are the perfect complement for an ornate vase. Simply attach over-sized yarn balls or pom poms to sturdy green wire. Cut the wire into varying lengths so the arrangement resembles a cluster of colorful blooms. Fill the vase with marbles to keep the stems from shifting.

3. Embroidery Fun

 Embroidery Fun

Introduce beginners to embroidery with a simple pattern, thick needle and a colorful skein. Pencil a simple image on plain material and trace over it with yarn. You don’t need to know the French knot and other fancy stitches to make vibrant wall art. Put it in a ready made frame to protect the work and create a new focal point in a room.

2. Octopus


Kids love making crafts, too, but many often involve long needles and other tools young ones shouldn’t handle. This octopus is one of the boo-boo free yarn crafts without knitting. Spoonful offers this step-by-step tutorial to turn any playroom into an underwater kingdom filled with googly-eyed, adorable creatures.

1. Wrapped Lamp Shades

 Wrapped Lamp Shades

Lamps dramatically improve a room’s lighting, but sometimes it’s hard to find a shade that reflects your personal style – they’re either too generic or too flashy. Place the shade on a flat surface and brush glue on in narrow sections. Gently press the yarn into the glue. Be quick and clean to craft a fabulous shade in no time. Wrapping the shade in colors you love is a fun way to create a piece that’ll last for years.