Musician's Friend

Music supply and guitar catalog - Guitar instruments and music supplies from the Musician's Friend catalog

The Musician's Friend instrument and guitar catalog brings you the musicians gear you need to rock hard from guitar instruments to bass, drums and more.

Musician's Friend catalog - The Musician's Friend guitar catalog is every musician's best friend, featuring a rock star worthy music supply that includes electrifying Gibson and Fender guitar instruments, state-of-the-art-amps, DJ and recording equipment, bass instruments, keyboards, drums and more premium music supplies that will satisfy every member of the band.


Guitar instruments - Whether you're an amateur guitarist or a bonafide shredder, Musician's Friend offers an outrageous guitar supply that will suit any player. Browse a musician-friendly selection from electric and acoustic guitar instruments to acoustic-electric, classical guitars, resonators, lefty guitars, minis and other stringed musical instruments featured in their guitar catalog. Then, accessorize with the essential guitar supplies and gear including straps, stands, amps and more guitar and bass playing basics.


Guitar Amps & Effects - Stock up on styling guitar instruments as well as all of the essential guitar supplies that go along with it. Find the right guitar amps and guitar effects pedals from Boss, Marshall, Fender and more of the leading guitar supply brands. Choose from guitar amp cabinets, amp heads, stacks, combo amps, guitar pedal boards, and primo amps, music supplies and effects for all of your bass instruments.


Bass, Drums & Keyboards - And the band played on, thanks to the selection of quality music supplies and instruments backstage at Musician's Friend. MF makes it easy for the bassist, drummer, guitar or keyboard player to find the instrument of their dreams with a music supply that showcases all of the leading names in the music biz. Plus, their Hands-On reviews and musical instrument buying guides will help you choose the right gear, instruments and accessories that will bring music to your ears.

From electric and acoustic guitar instruments to microphones and mixers, pedals, DJ equipment and recording gear, picks, strings, tuners and more vital guitar supplies, the Musician's Friend music catalog has been a solid source for beginners and professional musicians, since 1983.

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