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Novelty lapel pins reward teamwork in a fun way

Show those hardworking employees just how much they're appreciated with a variety of novelty lapel pins that celebrate achievement and teamwork.

  • When a group of coworkers get together and truly exemplify the spirit of cooperation, present them with novelty lapel pins that recognize their efforts. Teams Work and Teamwork pins are a great way to show employees that their work is acknowledged and appreciated.... read more

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More About Novelty Lapel Pins - Trainer's Warehouse:

Present these unique pins at meetings, team lunches or awards ceremonies.

  • Do you want to single out someone who's gone above and beyond regular duties? An MVP lapel pin is a great way to do that. Trainer's Warehouse also carries novelty lapel pins that award the Top Banana, Star Trainer, Certified Trainer or just gives the thumbs up symbol to a great performer. Package these cool pins in gift boxes for a lovely presentation idea.

  • Novelty lapel pins are just another way to show hard workers and team players that their efforts are recognized and applauded.

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