Surf to Summit

Your complete kayak resource

Surf to Summit is among the leading online kayaking retailers, offering a unique selection of kayak accessories, supplies, and water gear.

What's Inside:

kayak accessories - Make your time on the water all it can be with the right kayak paddles, paddle rests, leashes and thigh braces. Transporting your kayak from the car to the water's edge is a breeze with lightweight kayak carriers. They also carry dry bags, kayak and water sports themed t-shirts and other kayak accessories for a great day on the ocean, lake or river.


Inflatable kayaks - Whether you're looking for a fishing kayak, white water vessel, ocean kayak or versatile all purpose kayak for day trips in calm water, an inflatable kayak provides you with the perfect choice in lightweight, easy to transport option in paddle sports.


kayak fishing gear - Now kayak fishing is easier than ever with specially designed kayak seats for greater stability and a place to rest your rod. With their kayak fishing gear, you can now use any of their sea kayaks for fishing without worrying about tip-overs.


Clear bottom kayak - See the beauty under the water with a clear bottom kayak. These unique freshwater and ocean kayaks give you a unique look into the water below while you stay high and dry.


Water trampolines and other towables - Take water fun to a whole new level with a towable water trampoline or one of their other towable water toys. Why play on land when it's so easy to tow along inflatable rafts, or a water-based platform for fun in the sun anywhere you drop anchor.


Surf to Summit has the specialty kayak gear that general outdoors stores online just don't carry. From inflatables and clear bottom boats to kayak seats and paddles, let them provide the gear you need for your next day on the water.