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School prom decorations make a prom memorable and special

Get all of your school prom decorations in one place: Anderson's Prom! With such a wide and varied selection, you're sure to find everything you need to make your prom a memorable event.

  • From big items like murals to the tiniest details like confetti, you'll find all the school prom decorations you'll ever need right here. Columns, arches and table skirts decorate the room, but don't forget finishing touches with crepe paper, garlands, gossamer and curtains.... read more

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Use your imagination and creativity to turn a school gym or any location into a far flung locale that will thrill prom guests!

  • What's your prom theme? These school prom decorations will match virtually any idea! From leis and hula skirts for tropical themes to Leaning Tower and Big Ben centerpieces for European themes, there are accessories for all. Plus, simple or theme prom night bags allow guests to carry home their unique favors in style.

  • There are so many amazing school prom decorations to select from, you'll make prom night an exciting event that all guests will love and remember.

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