Whimsical stationery, memory books, blank note cards and desk accessories

Rediscover the lost art of letter writing, start a journal, organize your photos. You can do it all with Galison's collection of:

  • Fine writing papers, museum print thank you notes and blank note cards
  • Perpetual calendars so you won't ever miss a birthday or anniversary again
  • Cheerful gift and party thank you notes
  • Colorful photo albums you'll love as much as the pictures inside
  • Memory books, including travel journals, recipe journals and more
  • Created-just-for-a- child stationery, diaries and party thank you notes
  • Address books, holiday organizers, and coupon files to help you keep track of your life
Take a few minutes to browse the pages at Galison.

What's Inside:
They have filled their catalog with beautiful stationery, blank note cards, organization books and journals.

- The Art of Letter Writing
Create a space in your home office or kitchen desk for letter writing, and stock it with Galison's pretty papers, a few good pens or one of their perpetual calendars. The lovely papers and notes from Galison will inspire letter writing ideas, thank you note ideas, and even journal entries! Buy your child stationery as well, and let them write with you. With Galison around, e-mail just doesn't say enough!